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Finding A New Relationship after Marriage

Updated on September 16, 2013

Some women are anxious to fine a new love after, their marriage has ended. For women insecurities of lonely and aging, changes the valves of ones life.

Conversely to the many years of marriage, they are starting over into a new relationship. They are searching to find love, companionship and new friends.

Some women try dating sites, community theaters, churches, laundry mats or Adults Education centers, hopping that Mr. right will stroll by

Most woman wants to stay in their comfort zone, dealing with men they are accustom to not searching beyond. Loneliness and isolation can be a serious problem because of fear after being divorce .

For a women who has been divorced after a long marriage, it's hard to start over because most of your life was within the family where there was computability.

Some women find someone they care about and remarry. Remarriage can be challenging, yet experience and maturity can make it an easy adjustment then it was in your first marriage.


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