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Finding The Girl Of Your Dreams At 50

Updated on July 5, 2013

Finding The Girl Of Your Dreams AT 50

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Finding The Girl Of Your Dreams At 50

Finding the girl of your dreams at 50; is it possible to get a fresh, beautiful young woman when your age fifty ? Yes, it is possible and probable if your looking in all the right places. I have made use of resources including online internet dating sites and the dreaded Craigslist. The issue with online dating, is you have to know what you are looking for, and keep at it.

For example, Craigslist is a fresh start for men and women, yet be careful and settle in a public place. The reason I say this is you send no picture at first and place an ad explaining whom you are seeking. Be determined and live up to what you want to get. You just might find her among the crazy listings for gay men and the such. This is fantastic because you have men looking for women and then the small few looking for the gay lifestyle. Let your ad stand out and make sure you are using a alternate email address to keep the spam out of your regular email account. You may have to wait at this for a few nights, but eventually you will find this woman that you seek. I say girl because I prefer younger women and Craigslist are the place to look for a man that is older seeking a younger female. I am not sure why, it just has been for me. I am talking about ten to fifteen years younger than I am. I know some may include your opinions on this, yet it is what I want in my life at 50 years old.

Now to the online dating method for the older group of guys. There is something about being over forty and searching for women on the net. As a man, your not looking for one night stands as much as the younger boys are. If you plan on dating anyone, one must get “one night stand thought “out of their head. If you chose a girl and end up going out , treat her with respect. I would not recommend one night stand direction, its foolish and will only disappoint you, and your partner in the end.

Here is another thing that seems to be highly entertaining on sites like, "Plenty Of Fish", (A Free Online Dating Site), is that pictures need to be real. What I am talking about is real new, not two years old or god forbid 20 years ago, it is a disappointment to meet someone and visually you are dissociated with what she looks like. I have met quite a few women who gave me pictures that were old, and it hurts the date and makes the person dishonest for posting such a impression. Keep it real and let it be. You're there to meet a match for one reason or another, and just because of your age should undoubtedly have no bearing on how you engage on these websites. Are they dangerous? No, they are remarkably safe if you use your brain. Meet in a public place, so you can feel secured, and going to their home. Yes, at their home you can see how they actually live and where they live. At my age of fifty, there are some places I would not want my foot into, and after looking at my partner it is an easy way out of it if I get grossed out by the date I have.

One just needs to leave a note and let someone know that you are going to this persons' home and where you will be at. I actually have met some girls at my home, and most have not told anyone where they were going, and I told them how stupid that was. Be an adult and act like one and have a safe evening wherever you decide to go.

Finding the girl of your dreams probably will not come true from online hunting. Its best to meet someone at a church or bookstore and I have done this. You visually see what you are dealing with, and you get to know them for whom they are right away. Age does not seem to factor in either, It has not with me. I look young for my age though.

It should be obvious if she is too young, if so back out and move on to someone else. If your attracted to her and she you, ignore what others may think. Love knows no number. If your my age and this bother you, well look for someone older. Enjoy life because we are not getting any younger. I thought 25 was the halfway point. I was wrong, and I have had serious relationships from the online world to the bookstores and churches. I have dated women generally younger, and that is fine, and some women my age are just brilliant as well. It is not age that makes me happy, its feelings. So let go of your traditional life, and start enjoying dating again at age 50 and do as you please. Make sure you show respect and gratitude toward the lady and you will develop a new life.


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