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Finding Your Life long Match

Updated on November 3, 2014
Finding Your Life Long Match
Finding Your Life Long Match

Finding Your Life Long Match

I was married a long time ago to a foreign woman for 10 years, I call it my practice marriage even though it lasted so long. Now I am happily married to the most amazing woman in the world I feel this woman is my ultimate match. What have I learned from my past marriage that will help me in my current marriage? Before I answer that I will give you a brief history of both marriages:

The first marriage I was 24, she was 21, we meet in Germany when I was stationed in Baumholder which is near Frankfurt. We got married after 9 months of dating, went on a deployment, got out of the military and we moved to the Seattle area and we started our life together. The marriage was OK but I knew from the day we got married it was not right. My family had a huge influence in my life and I listen and took their advice often and at time let them have more influence in our marriage. After 10 years of marriage and counseling we divorced in 2008 and that was the last time we meet.

My current wife: We meet on Craigslist in 2013 and hit it off right away. We always had something to talk about, had lots of laughter, enjoy each others company and made an effort to get to know each other. After being with her for so long, (18 months) I realized that she is the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. She motivated me to be a better boyfriend, husband, professional and to aspire to do better in life. We've been married since August 2014 and I am more happier than ever.

Here's what I've learned from both experiences:

  • If you have any doubts before and the day of the marriage, run! Its OK to be nervous but if you feel that this isn't right, then don't do it.
  • If you feel scared or nervous the day of, communicate with your partner.
  • Laughing is so much part of the relationship, you should always laugh and smile with them.
  • Communication is key in any relationship, it might be hard to talk about something but its better to get it out of the way and move on.
  • Sex, lots of passion, laughter and pure enjoyment wit your partner.
  • Never let your family dictate how your marriage should be run.
  • Always take your wife's side even though she might be wrong.
  • Your wife is number one in your life and will always be.
  • Be There for her when she needs you most.
  • Marriage is a partnership, doesn't mean she has to do all the chores in the house.
  • The more you do household or yard work chores together, the more you increase your bond.
  • Never take her for granted, remember how hard you worked to win her over.
  • Most important thing I've learned, always do date night at least once a week!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I am not perfect but I am a quick learner and I still have a lot to learn being with my current wife and how to be the most amazing husband. I strive to be the best friend, husband, lover I can be for her. I will do this because I love my wife, I care for her, want to take care of her, know that being single sucks and most of all I worked so hard to win my wife's hand in marriage and that I am very lucky to have her. I hope you can take a little from this article "Finding Your Life long Match" and use it in your own life.

© 2014 robertsmichaeltd


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