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Wedding Entertainment Will Make--or Break--the Party! Rules for Success!

Updated on December 14, 2015
Will this band appeal to ALL your wedding guests?
Will this band appeal to ALL your wedding guests?

Entertainment Makes or Breaks the Party

If you’re hosting a wedding and reception, what’s the most important element of the reception? And if you’re a wedding guest, what impacts you the most?

The answer is simple: The music! Music can make or break the party and finding the best music within your budget should be a top wedding-planning priority.

It’s up to you, the bride- and groom-to-be, to find the wedding music that makes your reception jump but at the same time, it must relate to ALL your wedding guests! Everyone must enjoy your wedding reception.

If you employ the wrong band or DJ and guests exit your wedding reception early; YOU LOSE!

Is this you, enjoying a reception?
Is this you, enjoying a reception?

What About a Band?

If hiring a band, make sure that the band members play together regularly. This is critical.

Let's say you see a band that you love play at a friend's wedding. For your protection (when you hire them), make sure that ALL the band members' names are listed on your contract, ensuring that the same ones you saw perform at your friend's wedding will show at your wedding.

The Affordable Option

Today, there’s no excuse NOT to have wonderful music at a wedding reception. DJs are affordable and a good DJ can really make a party hop!

Hire only wedding reception entertainment that regularly performs at weddings. DJs, for example, who only play at clubs, will not do a good job when it comes to a wedding.

Make sure everyone enjoys your wedding reception!
Make sure everyone enjoys your wedding reception!

The Secret to a Successful Wedding Reception

To host a successful wedding reception, the music must relate to ALL of your wedding guests, of all ages. If guests don’t relate to the music, they’ll leave your reception early, the last thing you want on your wedding day. Always make sure that your entertainment plays a good mix of music.

NOTE: Ask your recently married friends, relatives and business associates for referrals for good wedding entertainment because weddings are not a time “to let your fingers do the walking…” When you find a DJ or band, etc. you like, ask for references and check them out—because music makes or breaks the party—or should we say the wedding reception.


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