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Finding your truth as a couple – A Unique Lifestyle

Updated on September 11, 2015

The Chrisman's

The Chrisman's Lifestyle

In their own words, the couple, is “engaged in a long-term experiential study of culture and technologies of the late 19th century.” The couple are period historians, speakers, authors. The couple chose this lifestyle and they love it. In an age of television, i-phones, i-pads, and every device you can connect with the world without communicating with others-The Chrisman’s are going against the grain.

What does the Victorian lifestyle consist of for the Chrisman’s?

Sarah Chrisman wears a corset 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The house they purchased was built in 1888. Oil lamps, 19th century gas heater, and icebox/block ice are part of their everyday habitat.

Bathing takes place in a claw-foot bathtub with soap made from a company established in 1839.

Letters are written with fountain pens.

No cellphones.

Sarah does not have a driver’s license.

Living life on your own terms has its cost. Choosing to live a life against the norms of society has not been absent of challenge. Not only have they been labeled “freaks” but they have also been the recipients of hate mail. It has been difficult to go against the grain for the couple but they are sticking to their experiment and lifestyle. Although unusual the benefits of such a lifestyle would appear beneficial for a couple. Without modern technology couples can connect in ways not possible in modern terms. Imagine communicating with each other instead of zoning out in technology. Intellect should increase because entertainment would consists of books, true learning, and retaining of knowledge rather than plugging into television. Entertaining company will truly consists of interacting and entertaining rather than sitting for a movie or being distracted from connecting.



In your relationships do you plug out of technology?

Do you think people are too connected to technology?

Do you think couples and families would benefit by disconnecting from mass technology indoctrination?

Do you spend time with family and friends that promoted conversation and connection?


Plugging Out

An article titled “The Benefits of Plugging Out” by Brittany Silva points out some of the positive factors of releasing oneself from the smartphone and social media outlets. According to Silva, these are the results of plugging out:

1. You will sleep better at night.

2. Your interpersonal skills will improve dramatically.

3. Your stress levels will decrease.

4. You will be more productive.

5. You will feel more connected than ever.

The Facts/Truth About Connection to Technology

Becoming Minimalist states some of the pitfalls association with cell phone usage, television, and other technology:

  • 84% of cell phone users claim they could not go a single day without their device.
  • Studies indicate some mobile device owners check their devices every 6.5 minutes.
  • 88% of U.S. consumers use mobile devices as a second screen even while watching television.
  • Almost half of cell owners have slept with their phone next to their bed because they wanted to make sure they didn’t miss any calls.
  • Traditional TV viewing eats up over six days (144 hours, 54 minutes) worth of time per month.

A Day Without Technology


While technology can bring great opportunities to others it also has created a monster within our society-the need to be constantly connected. Is it beneficial to work in time to enjoy the single joys of live, the environment, and the people around us. Witnessing people sitting side by side, texting each other, is strange to say the least. Checking your phone for constant updates. People preferring to date online rather than just communicate with the attractive man or woman next to you in line at Barnes and Nobles. Tuned in to watch life happen rather than create history. The Chrisman's are doing what works for them but their courage causes many to re-think their value of technological advances. Stay courageous Chrisman's!


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