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How little dresses are invitations for sexual hookups on social dating sites

Updated on May 17, 2014

He saw my picture and he instantly sent me a message. He said hi you look sexy in your little black dress with your seductive eyes. The more we messaged each other I began to notice his wants were different than mine. He suggested we exchange numbers and meet but I didn’t feel too comfortable with that because it was just too fast and plus I wanted a real relationship. The more he sent messages the more his true desires began to unfold. In less than 3 minutes, he had revealed he wanted to invite me into his bed. The question is was this shocking news to me. The answer to this question is no.

I began to take inventory of the people that reviewed my profile and inbox me for conversations. The results were just as I suspected. I noticed when I posted pictures in my business attire I did not receive messages for sexual hookups as I did in the club dress.

How did this type of atmosphere of online dating come about? The first dating website came out in the 1990’s because thousands of memberships were given away. Online dating took off which caused more and more people to socialize online by arranging dates for various reasons being that it was a hook up or led to a relationship long-term. As I browsed through different profiles I began to see that 25% who suggested marriage were actually seeking it. Others were just using it as a catch phrase to hook their bait.

Your first look profile picture must be equal to what you seek. If you seek something long term don’t reveal a lot of skin that will imply your assets are just your body. Those who show more get more messages and likes but their inbox may be flooded by hook ups rather than messages that lead into a meaningful relationship. Choose wisely what you present to determine the results you desire. It starts with the first look. The attire sets the tone for the conversation. Remember, the power lies in your hand.

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    • lurleanh profile image

      Lurlean Hudson 3 years ago

      More than likely when you are online you will find that the pictures don't match up with the profile information. Some women will post provocative pictures but then post "if you are seeking sex, then do not contact me". It is best to be upfront for both genders.

    • profile image

      Mike Different 4 years ago

      It's interesting because the human mind is directly connected with the desires of the heart or the unconscious mind. We either seek pleasure or avoid pain. This is the fundemental principle of the human mind and emotional core. So it shouldnt be to anyones surprise that people react to something sexual. It is what it was.