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Fishing helps Marriage

Updated on May 16, 2011

Let him go fishing.

My dad is a fisherman, my grandfather was a fisherman, and when I was a little girl I was quite the fisherlady. And so it only seems reasonable that now my husband is a self-proclaimed fisherman.

Of course, it started off with annoying needs such as boring trips to fishing stores for more lures, line, or just to drool at fishing poles. And yes, it has included the monotone fishing reports filling the background of my family room at night. Last but not least, it has assumed it's habitual need to interfere with what used to be our nightly regime of hysterical sitcoms.

Yet, alas I have grown to love this new "girlfriend" that my husband has. Why? How is this possible that this new incessant need that takes time away from me has grown fondly in my heart, you ask?

Simple: He is a better husband as a fisherman. He comes home after fishing and helps with laundry, cooking, cleaning, and even gives me massages! There is no question, that this new "girlfriend" has done quite a number on him. And I likey.

Even more beautiful: Many times, he takes our 9 year old daughter with him. She now begs to go with him and demands to know, "why not," when he tells her they, "need to stay home." She is creating a bond with him that is my fondest memory of my time with my father.

And so ladies I say, "Let them go fishing." The payoff; time to yourself, freedom to get things done, help from him when he gets home, and (if he is really special like mine) amazing memories for your children.

If going fishing is the "new girlfriend,"  than I guess I'm a swinger.


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    • lcfreedom profile image

      lcfreedom 6 years ago from Naples, Florida

      Hi Orangecountyjill,

      It took me awhile, but like ketchup~I eventually come around. :)

    • orangecountyjill profile image

      orangecountyjill 6 years ago from Orange County, California

      I agree. Except that for my husband it's hunting.