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Five Basic Parts of Man - Introduction

Updated on November 12, 2015

Let's Explore

In any conversation that I have with people I invariably will come to the point of explaining that I believe there are five basic innate parts of any human being. I contend if these basic parts can be learned and understood then one has the basis for prosperous relationships.

Anyone who has spent any effort understanding these creatures called human and exploring why they think and act as they do will certainly see these parts exhibited in some respect in ourselves and others. Over twenty-five years of reading, researching, interacting, and counseling with people from all walks of life have convinced me that these five areas or parts make up the whole.

In five relating hubs I explain each part. I will add the links as I publish these. As with any good and honest author, I will give credit and reference to the authors and works that have helped shape and will give evidence to these five parts. Anyone who would be so honest will certainly agree with the maxim that there is nothing new under the sun. However, clever I may claim to be, this is really just a culmination of previous works perchance with a different, and hopefully, useable view.

The five basic parts are:

  1. The Temperament or Personality
  2. The Love Language
  3. Gender
  4. The Language of Apology
  5. The Spiritual Condition


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