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Five Charming Ideas for a Memorable Date

Updated on June 19, 2013

Indoor Picnic

These are all dates I have either experienced or heard about from my friends. Each one turned out great and was plenty of fun, so I hope these inspire a fantastic evening for you and your loved one.

It's February and unless you live in a warm climate, there's a good chance you won't be having an outdoor picnic. However, that doesn't mean you still can't have one. Bringing a picnic indoors is a fun way to enjoy home cooking. It's also simple and cheap to do!

After you're done whipping up a delicious meal for your date, set the mood by placing a blanket on the floor, preferably by the fire place if you have one. If not, candles are another easy way to create a romantic environment. Use comfortable pillows to sit on, set up some dishes and glasses for wine, and before you know it you'll have a picnic in your own home. Oh yeah, don't forget to play some romantic music, it's a must!

Go Skating

This is always an enjoyable and affordable way to spend time with your date. There are two solid options with skating, either ice skating or roller skating. From my experience, ice rinks have a tendency to be a little more romantic compared to a roller bowl. Ice and lightning in the rink create a very subtle, yet adorable mood. Plus if one of you can't skate, it makes for a fun, touchy and playful evening.

On the other hand, roller skating is usually a little bit more fun than ice skating. Roller bowl's always have music blasting along with disco lights shining throughout the arena. Most of them also have a DJ playing music, so if you want to request a special love song, do it! They have several couple skates throughout the night.

The Orchestra

You don't have to be a classical music aficionado to enjoy the orchestra. You just have to enjoy music in general. Going to see the local orchestra with your date is a relaxing and romantic way to enjoy the evening. These are some of the most respected musicians in the community and in some cases (depending on what orchestra you're seeing), the world. So the music you'll hear is some of the best around!

Listening to a variety of beautiful notes and famous orchestral scores can create a new and exciting environment for you and your date. Also, this is a great excuse to get dressed up and go out to a fancy dinner beforehand. Nothing sets the mood like lovely music in a beautiful theater right?

Explore a Museum

Nothing makes you feel more like a kid than wandering around a museum, discovering one new thing after another. Going to a museum is a great way to explore, take pictures and learn things together with your date. Most museums change their exhibits on a regular basis, so depending on the time of the year you go, you never really know what you're going to see or learn.

Even though you're surrounded by other people, art and important objects, you still feel as if you're alone with your date. Map out what you want to see and discover before you start exploring. Before you know it you'll be up to your ears with fascinating information and thoughts, all the while roaming the halls with your special someone. Remember to take plenty of pictures; museums are some of the best places to create wonderful lasting memories.

Discover the Outdoors

Even though it's February, you can still enjoy the outdoors. First, think about what would interest you and your date the most, whether it's hiking through the woods or wondering around the city. Then the rest will work itself out.

Make sure you both bundle up, pack a thermos and wear comfortable walking or hiking shoes. No matter where you end up going, you'll have plenty of opportunities to take pictures, talk and notice things you probably would have never have known about if you simply just went out to dinner. Also, this date encourages perfect snuggle time. Assuming that it's still cold out, all you'll want to do by the time you get home is snuggle by a warm fire and drink hot chocolate!

Try Something New

So there you have it! I hope these five ideas can help you out during this month of love and romance. If anything, I trust that these will spark some kind of thought for a memorable date with your loved one. Good luck this February 14th and try not to think too hard about what to do for your date. Remember, there's always plenty of things to do just about anything; if not, just explore! Try a Romantic Chicago Getaway and see how you can enjoy a nice weekend near the windy city, or see how you can spice up your night by staying in with At Home Date Ideas.


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