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Ridiculous Ways To Get A Date With A Londoner

Updated on July 21, 2012

One of the best reasons to go abroad is not the sites; it is not the food or the culture either. In a way it’s the culture; the culture of dating to be precise. The best place to do this is in London. As an international city, they have a wide selection of people from which to choose. The typical London-type are wild, fun, and always up for meeting – and dating – new people. There are very simple ways to snag you a Londoner for a night on the town.

The photo.

You go up to a person you like and ask them to take a couple of funny photos of you for the folks back home. Once they have taken the photo, you start talking to them and getting them relaxed and before you know it, you two are out for a drink at the local pub. Score!

Lost tourist.

You’re in Tottenham Court Road and you’ve been trying to find Edy’s Diner No, directions won’t do, I’ve tried that already. Do you think you can show me the way? Maybe I can buy you a shake to say thanks?

The London Night Bus.

It’s full of different people. Almost everyone is up for a chat, plus it takes ages to get anywhere. Sit down to the person you like and get talking. Chances are if you don’t get a phone number, you’ll get something more instead!

Playing Paparazzi.

When walking around an area like Islington, take out your camera and take a couple of funny photos of someone. They might be aggressive at first, but what most people don’t know is that is the fastest way to get them to talk and listen to you. Londoners love to argue. And most of them don’t mind a bit of narcissistic attention. True story.

The pub.

It’s simple. Walk up to someone and tell him or her a weird fact, or even better, a witty remark. A Londoner can’t resist an interesting ice breaker and the witty remark is their bread and butter. Once your drink is done, offer to buy the next round. You’ll be there with them all night.

Now, take these tips, get out there and find yourself a hot date for the night!

*Please remember these suggestions are for humor's sake only and the author does not actually recommend doing certain things like taking random photos of strangers to get them to talk to you.


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