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Five Signs He Just Wants Sex

Updated on April 14, 2016

So you meet a guy. At a party or through friends and you two totally hit it off. He gets your number and you start texting and making plans right away. Hes charming and sexy and funny, the perfect combo. Seems great right? Except after the first couple weeks, he doesn't text back as much. You start discovering that he doesn't ask any questions about you like what you are like or what you like to do. He is always inviting you out to parties and all he seems to want to do is drink and party. It sounds like this guy might be out for one thing: sex. Here are some more signs to watch out for.

He never asks you on a real date. It's always, “Want to go to a party?” or “Want to come over?” When a guy is interested in you, he usually will ask you out to coffee or dinner and, if you know him well enough, he will pick you up in his car. It is better to get to know someone one on one in a public peaceful setting rather then around a bunch of loud drunk people who you don't even know.

He's always trying to get you alone. He always asking you to come over and he mentions his roommates won't be home (wink wink). Or he asks if you are alone and what you are doing at that moment. He's not really trying to get to know you, is he? At least not in the way you want him to.

He never asks discovery questions about you. He doesn't try and find out anything personal about you like, “Where did you grow up?” Or “What are your favorite things to do?” A guy interested in a real relationship with you would ask discovery questions and genuinely care about your responses, sometimes even recite them back to you later.

He makes comments about how you look. One comment or two is okay about how pretty you look today or that you have nice hair but when he starts talking about your butt or making references towards your boobs, then maybe he just wants sex. If a guy is interested in you for the person you are, he will usually use words like pretty or cute. If he is interested in you for just sex, he will use words like “hot” or “sexy.”

Won't text back for hours. Guys that are interested in something serious will text back more often then guys that just want sex. They don't have to blow up your phone or text back right away to like you, but they will pay more attention to their phones if you are texting and they will usually send more then like a five word text. If he is just texting you for plans to be alone together, or just asking when you are free to come to the next party, then he doesn't sound like he wants to get to know the person you are on the inside.


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