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Four Things to Do the Day You Get Engaged

Updated on January 26, 2016

Proposals are a pretty big deal, and usually there is a lot of planning that goes into it. The guy talks to the girl's father. He makes this elaborate plan to surprise her. He finds the perfect ring. He gets a bunch of people in on the plan. Then, it happens, but what do you do after the proposal?

Things to Do the Day You Get Engaged
Open Some Champagne
Take Pictures
Call Everyone
Relax Together

This day will be memorable no matter what, but including these steps in your day will prove to be worth every second.

Open Some Champagne

In other words, celebrate! Open up some champagne or your choice of drink, and don't go cheap. Spring for a glass of the good stuff. Just be excited that you are engaged to the love of your life. This is a moment many people dream about, so isn't it worth celebrating? Whether with family and friends or alone in your home, celebrate and just be happy for yourselves.

There is no reason to be modest on this day. You and your other half have made it through whatever struggles have come your way, and you know this is the person to spend your life with.

Take a Lot of Pictures


Taking pictures will help you always remember this moment. Trust me, this is a moment you won't want to forget. Take pictures together, of the engagement ring, or the scenery where the proposal took place. Take pictures of everything.

If your the one that is going to propose, and you're reading this, see about getting an artsy friend or a professional photographer to photograph the whole event.

Call Family and Friends

Now it is time to spread the news! Call your family and friends. Most people call their parents and siblings first, then best friends, followed by other family members. But call people in whatever order suits you! The great thing about telling everyone over and over again is that it will help the whole thing sink in. I promise the moment it happens, it won't feel real. Telling people about it (including how the proposal happened) will really help solidify the moment!

Spend Some One-on-One Time Together


When all of the excitement for the day is done, spend some time together. After all, you did just promise to marry your other half, so relax together. Celebrate together.

Go out to a nice dinner, light some candles and chat all night, spend some time doing whatever your favorite thing to do together is, or just cuddle up in bed.

Just be together and enjoy your commitment to each other.


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