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Five Tips on How to Make Someone Feel Special

Updated on November 28, 2020
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Hi! I'm a MBA grad, an avid reader/writer/podcaster/movie reviewer and celebrity buff! I look forward to sharing tips, news and knowledge!

Kim Kardashian smiles and gives eye contact.
Kim Kardashian smiles and gives eye contact.


How would you like to step outside of yourself and give something to someone else that is really worthwhile -- the power to make him or her feel special? The focus here is not on dating, romances or marriages-- even though these five tips can be used in those relationships as well. The purpose of my advice is to give you five tips you can use to make someone feel special, whether that someone is a family member, relative, friend, or even a complete stranger.

The Meaning of Feeling Special

Before I share my five tips to make someone feel special, let's talk about what it means to feel special. When was the last time that you felt really special? Was it a surprise birthday party, or a party given especially for you? Was it unexpected recognition? Or was it simply someone acknowledging what you said either in agreement, or even disagreement? Or maybe you felt special simply because you knew you were being heard. There are numerous actions, deeds, talks, etc. that can be done to make someone feel special. Here are five tips out of the many.

1. Say Their Name

Repeat someone's name to them. There is no other word that sounds like music to one's ear than the sound of one's own name, spoken by someone else. A word of caution here: Be sure you pronounce the person's name correctly, and do not over repeat saying his or her name when in conversation. Doing so will make your attempt at familiarity appear forced and not genuine. Sprinkle his or her name throughout the conversation, remembering not to overdo it. Moderation is key.

Suppose you cannot remember someone's name? Whatever you do, do not try to guess and start calling him or her random names. You should introduce yourself first (even if the person already knows your name). Remember -- Shaking hands during these times of COVID-19 is not to be done. Also remember to social distance and wear a mask.

After you introduce yourself, the other person should reciprocate in kind and volunteer their name to you. If not, hopefully someone else will mention their name or you will be able to find out their name some other way, other than asking them directly, especially if he or she is a friend, maybe from your past.

Also refrain from asking the question "Have we met?" -- especially if the person knows your name. You can simply say "Nice to see you again!" instead of implying that you have forgotten the person's name by asking this question.

Destiny's Child song "Say My Name" showcases the importance of saying one's name.
Destiny's Child song "Say My Name" showcases the importance of saying one's name.

2. Use Eye Contact

When talking to someone or even passing them on the street, in a hallway, mall, grocery store or other places, smile and give the person eye contact. The simple act of your eyes meeting theirs will send a signal that you value meeting or seeing them. Remember, do not stare at the other person as this can become uncomfortable, and rather unnerving. Use eye contact, but use it moderately. When you look (not stare) at someone in their eyes, you are acknowledging their presence and letting them know what they are saying is important to you.

Name Mispronunciation

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3. Listen Attentively

Listen to what the other person is saying. Do not continue with what you are doing and pretend you are listening. For example, if you are watching your favorite television show or youtube video, and your son or daughter approaches you with a drawing -- asking indirectly for your praise and approval -- do not wave them off with one hand and say, without looking at him or her "I like your drawing-- Mom (or Dad) is busy now. Come back when the commercial is on."

If you do the above, you have just put watching television or youtube videos ahead of establishing a bond and maybe a lasting memory for you and your loved ones. Remember, real life people, or people in your real life are more important than actors on television or personalities on youtube, who more than likely would not stop what they are doing to watch what is going on in your life. Be present in your own life.

"Be present in your own life."

4. Give Him or Her a Special Gift

When the occasion arrives for gift-giving, show that you took time and care to select just the right gift for that special someone. It seems that gift cards are everywhere, and it may be tempting to give a gift card and have the person buy his or her own gift. Or you may even decide to give money.

A more thoughtful gift would be one that shows that you know what the gift receiver's interests are. The exception would be if there is a specific request for gift cards. If you must give a gift card, add a thoughtful gift, along with the card. A gift that is handmade or hand crafted may have more value to someone instead of one that is store bought. Just be sure to keep the other person's interests in mind if you plan to give a handmade or a store bought gift. Remember, there are always other gifts you can give that are intangible, such as your time, performing special chores for someone, and other actions that do not require spending money.

5. Smile

When someone smiles at you, return their smile -- or even better, initiate the smile, either in passing, during conversations or other appropriate times. Be sure your smile is genuine and remember that too wide a smile can turn into a smirk. Simply smiling can brighter your day as well as exhibit that you are a pleasure to be around -- in addition to making someone else feel special. Who knows? Your smile could open the door to lasting friendships. Again, during these times of COVID-19, smile with your eyes as much as possible since your mask may be hiding your beautiful smile.

Janet Jackson Sings Everybody Needs to Feel Real Special Live in Concert


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