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Four traits to be a Natural Queen

Updated on August 5, 2016


A women must honor herself before she a queen. Have self-respect for yourself and others. Be respectful of your feelings. Don't have self doubt about yourself. Always allow yourself to accept your feelings. Suppressing your feeling will make it worst. Take control of your past mistakes and failures. Do not let people put you in the comparison trap. You're enough! Live by your principles. You are going to be more aligned with yourself when your honest with yourself.

Full Potential

A women need not to have no fear. All women can reach their full potential through strength and courage. A women full potential lays upon her. Once that women honors herself, then her full potential will blossom. She will have obstacles in her way, but her strength will have risen, because her full potential. You can be a queen if you can reach your full potential as a women.

The Queen

Conquer emotions

A women must be able to conquer their emotions in order to be a queen. First thing is when you get emotional; stop and re-focus. It can be easy to get swept up in it. Second take charge of your breathing. the experiences has help me when I was upset. In stand of get mad, consider ways you can resolve the situation. As women we are emotional creates, but we need self-control. Last, change your negative feelings into positive ones.



A queen always has to have patience. Patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay. Being patience requires skill you have to train yourself. Like they say "patience is a virtue". Being patience is the key factor in life. If you have patience you wont be so stress out. We all know being stressful is not good for your health. Binging impatience when something is taking time is not the answer. Always see things in a positive way!

Four Traits

To be a natural queen ladies you have to honor yourself. Conquer your emotions in a positive light. Reach for your full potential in life with everything you do. Lastly, the most important be PATIENCE. Be patience with yourself and love ones.


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