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Joyful Flowers in Your Hair and Everywhere

Updated on January 25, 2014

Everlasting Gracious & Gorgeous Silk Wedding Bouquets

For my wedding bouquet I carried a single yellow rose. I was happy with it but I didn't care at all for the ribbon that decorated the stem.

Were I to do it again I would consider using silk flowers and bringing them out again for anniversaries. How about you - would you settle for photographs of your gorgeous and short-lived fresh wedding flowers when you could have elegant silk keepsake bouquets to last a lifetime!

Imagine the joy of remembrance when you make keepsake nosegays for your bridesmaids as gifts the next time you ladies gather to remember your special day, the preparations, reception, and your youthful dreams.

photo credit: my own photo

Crafting Silk Flowers for Your Bouquet

Silk, cotton and rayon fiber flowers decorate weddings and other grand celebrations with an everlasting flair. They begin as plain white fabric. Dies, sharp metal forms, formed into a specific petal shape, are placed into machines that hold them.

The dies cut petals from the fabric, with the heavy force of speed and weight. Many petals can be cut by stacking up the fabric into many layers, and with a punch, the whole stack cuts at once!

Each petal shape is treated like a valuable piece. Artisans hand color each petal with fabric dyes, carefully rendering shade, and tender hue. They use large soft paint brushes, wads of wetted fabric, large markers, all types of means to apply dyes to the fabric petal.

Videos show the processes of coloring the white fabric. Some petals need visual texture so dots, light lines and wider colored lines replicate the beautiful designs of such flowers as stargazer lilies and fringed carnations, even double tulips.

Papier Finds The Bridal Organizer

A Bride's Book: An Organizer, Journal, and Keepsake for the Year of the Wedding
A Bride's Book: An Organizer, Journal, and Keepsake for the Year of the Wedding

This is your everything-in-one bridal planning book. Your daughter and your granddaughter will treasure this encyclopedia of wedding planning as much as you will.


Wedding Bouquet Tips ala Silk Blossoms

photo from

It's delicious fun to gather your wedding party (the females probably) to make your wedding bouquets. This is traditional in some families, for the bonding, and/or cost-cutting - either way it is a sure memory maker.

Optional steps to follow to ease the process. Have lots of fun

1. Visit shops or marketplaces that specialize in silk flowers, mega-fabric stores, craft stores, or warehouses that cater to businesses that assemble silk flower bouquets. It's helpful to go and see, and feel these flowers. Being with them can even make color choices easier.

2. Take snatches of your fabric pieces if you have already selected your wedding colors, so you can compare the ready made flowers to see how you like matching or contrasting colors. Evaluate the flower shapes and sizes against your desire for an elaborate look or for simplicity.

Some gals prefer to carry one flower, while some brides wear the posies on their headbands, with a smaller matching wristband, while others barely can carry the massive bride's bouquet they adore.

3. Buy ten or a few dozen, of a couple varieties that you think would go well together: lilies and little orchids, for example. Browse through online shops for ideas Silk Flowers

4. Research online for brick and mortar storefronts in your own city so you can get a first-hand look at readymade silk flowers. The purpose of this visit is not purchase, so try not to give in to spontaneous buying. Just get a feel for their "feel" and appearance, their size and weight. This supplier is in San Diego, CA; search for your city for an actual storefront supplier Search

5. Cut small pieces of your wedding fabrics, the colored ones. Use snitches of ribbons if you are using them in the bouquets, grooms cake or wedding party gift wrapping, along the church pews, etc. Place one real flower with one silk flower, along with the coordinating or contrasting fabric/ribbon. Now you are ready to assemble your first bouquet.

6. Buy some living flowers, samples of the very ones you think you want for your wedding. Pair them up with their silk cousins, one for each for of two or three people. The real flowers are your inspiration so don't bypass this step. Living flowers feed the spirits of the people.

7. Ask your mom/aunt or other senior lady or gentleman in your family or in your wedding party, and a sister/cousin/maid of honor, to come for a short work party so you can guide them to success in actually making one silk bouquet, or maybe a headband or wristlet.

8. Watch the videos, and coach the group through the steps you followed to make your sample bouquet. Encourage them, and celebrate the successes. Don't hesitate to experiment. You might come up with the next great thing!

photo credit: Derek Ramsey

Have You Thought of Making Your Own Everlasting Flowers With Silk & Ribbon Ease - with silk & ribbon ease

I've found two well loved books that teach the making of flowers from silk and from ribbon. Either one can contribute a splendid look to room decor and festive occasion flowers to wear.

The Artful Ribbon: Beauties in Bloom
The Artful Ribbon: Beauties in Bloom

With this manual you'll easily learn how to create your own magnificent ribbon flowers. The author drew on a wealth of information used by our ancestors and introduces modern techniques, like the wired ribbons - to produce flowers that can easily be mistaken for living blossoms.

Creative Wedding Florals You Can Make
Creative Wedding Florals You Can Make

Learn the art of arranging flowers for wedding elegance with this illustrated instruction book. Traditional styles are easy to recreate.



A Chic & Sassy Bride for Today

The Big White Book of Weddings: A How-to Guide for the Savvy, Stylish Bride
The Big White Book of Weddings: A How-to Guide for the Savvy, Stylish Bride

Create your special memorable wedding day with the help of planner David Tutera's excellent guidance.


A Special Store for Wedding Flowers & Accessories

Island Bridal Bouquets by Elizabeth on ebay

Click below for Island Bridal Bouquets by Elizabeth, your bridal store on eBay! Island Bridal carries exquisite designs for every wedding and decorating flower need.

Once you view Elizabeth's eBay store you won't search further for your very own wedding flowers to remember and keep for anniversary celebrations - just wait until your daughters see the actual flowers you used for your Wedding! From tiny vases of table flowers to the most elegant displays.


Book of Wedding Flowers

The Knot Book of Wedding Flowers
The Knot Book of Wedding Flowers

Relax, knowing the Knot Book has everything under control. It's easier to follow expert guidance, rather than winging it on your own.

The Mother Of The Bride Book: Giving Your Daughter a Wonderful Wedding
The Mother Of The Bride Book: Giving Your Daughter a Wonderful Wedding

The Mother-of-the-Bride Book explains that role and how it has changed over time. It helps to gain insight on the mom's role for her daughter's special day.


How to Make Your Own Silk Bouquets - Bridal Party Project

The ladies and the girls in your Wedding Party can enjoy the fun of making the bouquets they carry. Plan ahead for a series of monthly parties so you all have plenty of time to bond and cut, color, and collaborate on this special activity. Create a beautiful scene and a wonderful memory.

Do your homework by watching several flower-making videos. Buy a book or two on making silk flowers. Ask the clerk at your local wedding fabric shops what fabrics work best for amateur flower-makers and buy samples of several fabrics - enough for ten or twenty blossoms, in your wedding color selection and variations.

Now the fun begins. Sit down with your mom or best friend, sister or aunt, and experiment. Give yourself permission to play. This is, after all, meant to be fun. Host an introductory party, after you make a few samples with your mom or sister, and pass them out to your Bridesmaids for them to copy

Then play this video so they get an idea of how beautiful and fun this activity can be. Choose a more intricate flower for the friends who you just know already have expressed their creative-streak! Hand a sampler flower to the gals who don't even decorate a cake or zip up their table settings.

Give the little Flower Girl a pansy or calla lily, something with only one or a few petals, and encourage her to make it as special as she is. This is the sampler video - the one you show with your iced tea, punch or coffee, just to hook the attendees, and get the fun started.

Silk Flower Bouquets - Forever After

add sprinkles of fresh flowers for the celebration day

It's a wise choice to choose Silk when the Flowers you want for your special event are out of season. You can have the cherished motif with no preservation cost.

Glue teardrops on some large petals in each silk flower table arrangement. They work to fool the eye for a lifelike appearance.

Innovate and tuck real live flowers in among the Silk arrangements for the spark of life in the everlasting Bouquet. Save Money and get the best of both worlds for your floral design.

Silver or gold sparkles add more bling to the arrangement. Use spray glue sparingly, or dot tiny bits of glue around blossoms and then sprinkle on the metallic confetti.

300 Wedding Bouquet Selections

Wedding Bouquets: Over 300 Designs for Every Bride
Wedding Bouquets: Over 300 Designs for Every Bride

Ideas galore, and places to take off from. Design your own with the help of the book, or take it to your florist, to make your wishes crystal clear.


My Silk Wedding Flowers

Explore the Pink Silk Wedding Flower Package to see the delicately tinted blossoms. Look at the Budget Hand-Tied Bridesmaids' Nosegay! It's a picture of nostalgia your mother will love.

And the Mothers Corsage, with it's pink curly rose buds, white stephannotis blooms and shooting pearls will maintain a special place among her momentos.

Try the newer bouquet that incorporates mini Cymbidium green orchids, gathered and wrapped alone the stems and finished with pearl beads. Silk Flowers

Creative Flower Styles picked by Papier - whether you select living or silk flowers, you can design the bouquets

The New Book of Wedding Flowers: Simple & Stylish Arrangements for  the Creative Bride
The New Book of Wedding Flowers: Simple & Stylish Arrangements for the Creative Bride

The one guide you need to make your own gorgeous bouquets.

Were I planning a wedding I'd opt to get this book.


Roses With Raindrops, Leis & Lilies

Isn't it fun to explore the variety of new silk wedding flowers. I get lost just imagining what I might pick.

Wedding flowers are personal so have fun looking these over.

Glamour up White Silk Flowers - personalize your wedding flowers

Creative crafter celebrates her techniques to custom color her flowers. She uses a water-base selection of colors in their own spray bottles.

1. spray the bottom layer with darkest color green.

2. spray with a brighter color.

3. spray the center layer with a lighter color.

4. spray pearl over the whole collection.

5. Hot Glue the pin to the back of the flower.

Lists - You Know You Gotta Make 'em

The Knot Book of Wedding Lists: The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Day, Down to the Smallest Detail
The Knot Book of Wedding Lists: The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Day, Down to the Smallest Detail

Save yourself time and frustration. This is a gift for the bride as she begins the planning stage. It's also a perfect gift to the mother of the bride.


You've Found the Perfect Wedding Guestbook - Papier found this one for you

Calla Lilly Wedding Accessory Set (Guestbook, Champagne Flutes & More), 1
Calla Lilly Wedding Accessory Set (Guestbook, Champagne Flutes & More), 1

You've found the perfect accessories for the festive occasion.

Cala lilies add a special elegance to the accessories. This makes a thoughtful gift to a bride with a short engagement.


Did you use silk flowers for your wedding? If so, please tell us about it.

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    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      4 years ago

      These are truly beautiful.

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      pinkrenegade lm 

      6 years ago

      Fabulous flowers for a special day.

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      6 years ago

      Lovely lens. Lovely ideas for wedding flowers.

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      9 years ago

      nice work. Great ideas for weddings etc

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      10 years ago

      Beautiful flowers!! I didnt know that anyone sold anything like that on ebay!!! Great lens!! Congrats on being in the top ten!!

    • Lady Gotrocks profile image

      Lady Gotrocks 

      10 years ago

      Lovely lens.

      Congrats on making the finals in the 10 lenses in 10 days contest!


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