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For 10 Reasons Everyone May Be Go Away From You!

Updated on December 11, 2014


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Humans are social creatures so we can not go without the society. Suffice it to life without friends is a lot more difficult. Are we know what that friends can gone away for some of your behavior. There are 10 reasons that our friend can go away from us. Reasons that we need to know and try to avoid this reasons for keep friendship alive.
1). Rancor towards others:- We always remember competition and rancor are two different things. We are feeling jealous to each other for without any reason or have any reason. It is the main reason for destroy the friendship so we must avoid jealousy.

2). Accepts all on Personal way:- To keep friendship remove the self thinking behavior with all talk.

3). Excess Negative Thinking:- Excess thinking is reduce faith on your friend so leave negative thinking.

4). Lack Of Emotional Self-control:- We should omit the tendency of going suddenly angry.

5). Pain or Loss Reserves On Mind:- Friendship is not lasting if you reserving an old grief or loss in your mind.

6). Pretends Of Sense To Anyone Landmarks:- We should omit the trend of realizing all about a man after first meeting.

7). Others Fault Error Finding:- We should omit our excess behave to find others fault error otherwise friendship is not possible to continue for long time.

8). Cheating:- With our friends We should not do any cheating .

9). Lying:- Everybody hates a liar. Avoid lying with friend.

10). Tough Attitude:- “I am always alright” should remove that trend of think to save friendship.

Always Be Friendly. Don't Loss Your Friendship And Remove The Above Behavior


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