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For better or worse or so they say

Updated on January 6, 2015

For better or worse, or so they say

The first phase in a relationship is usually the honeymoon phase. The couple is romantic; you cannot spend a minute without giggling by yourself or thinking of your other half every time you hear a romantic song. All kinds of promises are said at this stage. Crazy preposterous kind of promises of laying the whole world at their feet. After the first three months, at the most, that feeling goes away, and you start realizing that your lover does not spit honey. They do have flaws. At first, you brush away these things, till you encounter consequences from their past lives. That is when one really starts assessing whether they can live with that person. You find out that they too have various flaws and insecurities the same way you have your issues.

This is why couples are advised to at least give it three months before you get engaged or promise a lifetime of happiness to your lover. People only think about the good, but they do not stop to think for a second what would happen if one of them got into a coma. Would they truly and faithfully wait for them? Would they devote their life to that one particular person if they found out they were once members of a certain gang or were in prison? Be careful what you promise someone.

And this is why at times you find that most people get divorced after a very short time. They did not take the time needed to know their spouse. They rushed blindly into an affair and with all that excitement got into marriage. They did not even take the time to invest in that relationship; help each other grow. I am old fashioned. My future hubby will take at least two years to propose, and a year after that to get married. And in between, we will have several projects together like planning a good vacation together. Or working on a certain brand together if we will be in compatible occupations. I really do not want our wedding to be the first real project we have together. But that is just me. What do you think?

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