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For the One Sided Lovers...

Updated on July 13, 2013

NOTE: This is in context of a guy (my neighbour) who is waiting for a girl since 5 years (uptill now), with ONE SIDED love.....

Firstly, let’s analyze the case.......! You love someone, you told this to her and that person is not in love with you….! Either she is your friend, or an unknown person or ‘whatever’…the main point is that you love her and you wish to get her…but due to ‘whatever’ reasons, she cannot be yours…. You mean ONE SIDED LOVE…..!! Right?

I have seen people doing crazy things for this, really weird things…. They waste their whole emotions and precious time, for the one, who don’t love them….Silly! Huh? The main purpose to write this is to propose my thoughts and opinion, and show you the right way…

Well, I want to ask one thing… DO you really think that ‘whatever’ this is, can be termed as LOVE??? I think when two persons love each other and have a great chemistry with each other, only then it can be termed as Love….....Do you think that your ‘WANT’ , with which your ‘so called Love’ is not happy, can be termed as LOVE…? Okay tell me which bonding is stronger: Two people madly in love with each other, or a person madly in love with someone....? There is a great difference between these two...

According to me, Love is when two people have a great mutual understanding, care, trust and a lot of passionate desire for each other…But that’s not true in your case…

Although you both are good friends, and share a nice chemistry and if she don’t take you in that way, so what is wrong with it? She can have her own choice and decisions. She cannot do this forcefully… And if you make her do this forcefully, do u think, that will be called as Love….?

Okay, let’s take an example…there must be someone in this world, for whom, you must be wishing, never to be in relationship…because of ‘whatever’ reasons…. So, how much is it going to matter to you about the stuff that person has in her heart….? Not much…! Isn’t it…? Because you are free to choose the person with whom you are happy. Now same is the case of the person with whom you are in love… Got it!

There is nothing like rejection of love proposal, its just that you cannot get 'that kind' of love from her, the kind of love you wish to get ...So why to concentrate on it so much. If this is what the truth is, then just MOVEON!!!! Why are you putting your heart in confusion, ACCEPT the truth..... There is no point of being sad or wasting time in regretting or hating her, or shedding tears thinking that she has not understood your feelings well. Accept her how she wants to be accepted as; like a friend, best friend or 'whatever'.....

I know you will not get someone just like her, and she must be very special for you. But, if she doesn’t really want this, then you should not push her to do this. I don’t think you will act like a selfish person for someone, so special. My dear, WAKE UP!! Do you know about the increasing population conditions in this world? You will soon get the person of your destiny, the one who will understand you the most, who will have a great chemistry with you, who will love you more than you love her, and the most important one, it will be her wish too, to be with you. And when you both will feel the same for each other, then it will be called as LOVE….

So, if you are suffering with the above problem, think over it again, because after a year or two, you are going to regret over it. You will think that why you have wasted so much time. I know it’s hard to accept this just now, but you have to understand this….

Enjoy the breeze of happiness and start everything again.... There is a lot more in this world for you, more than you can imagine. Do comment your view on this...

All the Best…for your new ‘Whatever”. ;-)

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UPDATE NOTE: I have written another hub "For the One Sided Lovers-2", Do visit that, it is very effective.

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    • profile image

      ramzan 2 years ago

      I am loving a girl but she dont reply me i gave a letter also she did not reply

    • profile image

      viren 2 years ago

      Thx to all of u guys.... For ur all suggestions Bcs one time I love a who's don't know me. But see In my class at first time ad I love so much. This is one sided love. I see evry day ad i took to her smile m very happy to see there smile.... She is very simple girl but I think she can't fall in love bcs she is PDAAKUU hahaha but I love so much.. To all ur thougts I will very appreciate and incourage... I don't forget her but I will try my best I dont force her.

      Ad thx to all of u guys again luv u all

    • profile image

      dennis 2 years ago

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    • profile image

      Praveen 3 years ago

      I think don't waste ur precious time for anyone who is not loving u...or she is saying she is your best friend...

    • profile image

      Pankaj 3 years ago


      not that easy !

    • profile image

      Truth 3 years ago

      Love. Can be one sided and honest and true... Its not necessary to be loved back

      If you try once an get rejected its better not to disturb them again

      You don't have to be depressed just feel that loved and cherish it , it makes you feel human , help others the poor the old an become a better person

      Who knows they may realise what they r losing

      And never forget someone might be in love with u too , don't reject them they confess u it's ur second chance to love

      give love to be loved

      And keep smiling ;)

      If you feel like crying wipe tears of someone else's face it's better than shedding yours...

    • profile image

      anonymus123 3 years ago

      Hi all..

      3 years ago i send request to her like she was my cousin sister(But in real she was not)

      she accepted my request within 2 days

      i found it after chatting that she was someone else

      same thing happens to her...

      her cousin and my name was similar and she accepted

      but after some chatting both of us know that thing.

      she accepted and continue to chat with me

      after some time i asked for her phone number

      and she softly said

      she: "you know ,sometimes my phone get stuck me in trouble"

      and she goes offline

      that was the last chat

      and after that she unfriend me

      i found that and i was crying like a child

      she tell his father

      her mom and dad was acting like to kill me

      but for some "Special" resons the matter was closed

      that Special reson is her dad and my dad are already known each other

      and they are friends

      i left this whole thing due to my study was on

      but now my graduations are over


      i love her truly but she loves me or not that i don't know

      how should i approch to her...


    • profile image

      priyanka 4 years ago

      friends firstly i was in love with that boy one day his friend came and told me to be his friend but i said no becoz i was not knowing the name after all from next day i was just feeling my self like bullshit happened to me then he statrted ignoring me and when i go near him and ask for friendshp he said no to me and showing attitude i want that again he ask me for friendship and i want to know still he loves me or not what to do

    • profile image

      afzal 4 years ago

      its been 5 months i love a girl who is not of my religion..she is a i dnt care abt hr difrnt religion..she also had a relationship wd a guy for 6 years and that guy has ditchd her...i have also proposed her and she told me that she likes cant love me bcoz she thinks that we don't have any future bcoz of diff religion...she loves to go 4 long relation bt her family wil nt allow her 4 marriage..she also tels me that she will nt be able to give that love which i wanted from her..she needs time 4 any relation..selfdevlpmnt..i hav done a lot of things 4 her...many cute things..many...but she always replies" i loved it but y are u doing al ds 4 me..plzzz...i feel guilty...plzzz dnt do anything frm nxt time.."...i never miss any chance to let her feel that hw much i love hr and hw spcl she is 4 very much deprssd,frustrted...i love her a hell..i cant even write here the madness of mine 4 her....i can wait 4 her very very very possesive abt her whenever she goes out wd any of hs guy friend i feel jelous and to kill my self...i love her a lot...i also told her that i will wait 4 her till her marriage..and i really can..plzz suggest me what should i do..some times she also gives me tiny hints that she will accept me i dnt knw that they are hints or jst my wrong famy...

      Plzzzz help in a big depression..

    • profile image

      rahul... 4 years ago

      Its almost more than 5 years I love a girl, and she knew that i love her a lot. she likes me but she don't love me. Since her childhood she is waiting for her dream boy to come . She didn't even know who is he.. but has made imaginary virtue of her DREAM BOY. Whenever I try to give some surprises or anything to make her feel special then she likes it but she says "why do u do such things, this make me guilty that u love me so much and I wont give that much love as u do, becoz am waiting for my DREAM BOY to come".

      She didn't even know whether her DREAM BOY exists or not, whether he gonna come her not. She is very much confused.

      What shall I do? Plz suggest......

    • profile image

      Sumit 4 years ago

      Thanx a lot bro.. 4 changing my life you r the best ...

    • profile image

      sau 4 years ago

      You clearly never have been in love or never understud d depth of it.. Jst lyk u can't force someone to love u, u can't stp urslf frm lovin sided , two sided, confused or whtevr state it myt ...its still love....n ppl do get over it...but it takes time...jst coz its one sided doesn't mean its ne less beautiful if anything its more selfless since d person kips luvin widout getin nethin in return!! Think abt it :)

    • profile image

      ashish kumar mishra 4 years ago

      any one please suggest me what can i do? one girl love me a lot bt im nt and she always done something which create mental disturbance to me. she cut her hand and sometimes she burn her hand and she tell me love me otherwise im going to die.

      please suggest me

      my email id is

      please help me

    • profile image

      Tony 4 years ago

      There's a big difference between Love & Madness, love is when there's that special bond between the two, when everything is going just fine with no worries until there's this moment when someone admits his feelings to the other, there are two ways, either they get along, or someone rejects & walks away. if the broken person continues on pursuaying then it becomes madness & selfishness. its obvious, when u know som1 loves u & u just don't feel the same then this person is gona get on ur nerves & u will walk away avoiding hurting her. think about it that way, its the same with girls. the best thing to do is to just walk away & LEARN from that experience. there is no friendship after love or onesided love

    • profile image

      sarah 4 years ago

      i even liked sum1 bt neva had d guts of telling him. i mean he was just a CRUSH!!! Ummm as far as i knw... yeah...... dat was a crush. bt i neva had guts.. bt wat i enjoyd d most was d time crushing him. it was fun. i learnt one thing and dat is lyk, "if u lv sum1 wait till love grows in their heart. if it grows den it lovely if not then be content that it grew in yours"

    • profile image

      Radhe 4 years ago

      Hi..Thanks a lot for such a Positive just MoveOn...because who had been in Love or who had the capability to love is more precious than any diamond in this world....Its true One sided Love is the most painfull feeling which has no medication but accepting the truth can be the best medicine ever someone has taken in this guys, whom so ever has been in One sided love for the one who is not in your destiny, Accept it and feel the Air..its more beautiful...

    • profile image

      Sahil shaikh 4 years ago

      After reading dis much of posts and comment nw m feeling new energy in my self and as i knw population is increasing and definitely i get the person of my destiny soon....thanxxxx buddy.....

    • profile image

      sriram 4 years ago

      Thanks a lot for ur opinion.. I've been that situation.. I've to accept all this and I'll try to follow it.. I'll do it for her sake..

    • profile image

      hema 4 years ago

      i agree completely....

    • profile image

      Honza 4 years ago

      I am one sided lover too. And there is absolutely no easy way out. On this page there was another article where has been said that one sided love is not expensive and can be ended any time. That is bullshit. Sorry for bad language but I can get very angry when somebody starts talking about one sided love and does not know anything about it.

    • profile image

      faiza eman Anwar 5 years ago

      i'm a one sided lover... :( . it's a panic reality. and i think i wouldn't want 2 accept it easily.

    • profile image

      Julie 5 years ago

      I'm having a sided love with my brother's best friends. He's older than me 7 years (I'm 16) and he had a lover, oh, god. How could I love him when I just met him once? My god, I'm mad.

      I'm sure it's wonderful and joyful when loving someone and have response by them, but, sided love is hurt. Sure, whatever.


    • profile image

      achu 5 years ago

      love is wonderful and be always dedicated

    • Twilight Lawns profile image

      Twilight Lawns 5 years ago from Norbury-sur-Mer, Surrey, England. U.K.

      The optimism and cynicism of the young, all rolled into one.

      But why the text speak...? You're not limited to characters.

      Unrequited love is usually the strongest... it's easy to give when the other person is giving and accepting. But what of the other person says, "Bugger off!"?

      It's not so easy then.

    • profile image

      mohitkk999 5 years ago


      I am not agree with you on just 1 thing that after 1 or 2 year a person can come over it but what if the person carry the same feelings for 7-8 years. just answer me.???????????????????????????????????????????????

    • profile image

      aggarwal 5 years ago

      i am agree with your suggestion

    • profile image

      sillyboypra 5 years ago

      hey rishword we live in different city i tried to call her but she didn't received my call , so i decide to do not irritate her , 2 days ago she msg me on fb asking me questions just how r u & all after that she didn't give any reply :( , her close frnd sais me that our relationship has no future , her parents r so strict , plus she is 2 yrs older than me and i m maharatriyan she is south indian , so thats why she is avoiding me , me & my family ready to accept her so i don't know what to do whether directly go & tell her i love you or forget her

    • rishworld profile image

      rishworld 5 years ago from Dreammie Kreatiw World..

      @Girl.. You have just inspired me to write another blog. I hope that will help you and other people in a better. I am going to include a very specific example in it.

      Thank you.

    • profile image

      Girl 5 years ago

      Inspite of knowing all that stuff feeling of love never goes infact it grows stronger every moment!!

    • rishworld profile image

      rishworld 5 years ago from Dreammie Kreatiw World..

      @sillyboypra... Brother,i understand what you are feeling right now. I think the problem here is LACK OF COMMUNICATION. As you told me that you both were best friends so the main aim you should have FOR NOW is to talk to her in any way. Many times things get weird in relationships even in friendship. It never remains in the same way. Trying to communicate by internet or phone cannot be helpful, you need to meet her and talk to her very calmly. Let everything get normal first and then try to achieve her. And I wish you may get the love of you life. If you need to talk to me, you can mail me at

    • profile image

      sillyboypra 5 years ago

      hey guys plz help me

      i loved a girl frm last 2 yrs , we r best frn in college , we graduated in july 2011 , i decided that i will prpose her when i get job , now i got very good job but frm last 2 month she is interested in communicating with me , whenever i sent msg she replid don't irritated me , bhad me ja ,not receiving my calls , i don't know suddnly what happened with her , so i don't know what to do prpose her or not but i really loved her cried lot of times for her

    • rishworld profile image

      rishworld 6 years ago from Dreammie Kreatiw World..

      @Yash.. yes brother ofcourse you cant decide without knowing about his/her feelings... Thank you :)

    • profile image

      Yash 6 years ago

      I agre wid u......

      And according to this,der is nothing lyk ONE SIDED LUV in this world......

      Bt important is dat,u shud try atleast once,by telling ur feeling to him/her....

      B'coz u don't knw wat does he/she think about u....

      And then u cn read this blog...

      It's realy effective....

    • rishworld profile image

      rishworld 6 years ago from Dreammie Kreatiw World..

      @sneha...... exactly dear...!!! :) thanks for comment..

    • Sneha Sunny profile image

      Sneha Sunny 6 years ago from India

      I too agree with you.... You should move on if the person you like doesn't want to be in a relationship with you..... Fine, you should give a chance and ask him/her to date you but if he/she don't want to then I don't think you should force him/her to be in a relationship or force yourself to take some serious steps. Sometimes it do result in death of either one.... I saw that Radhika Tanwar's case in Crime Patrol.... I don't think you should spoil your life in anyway for a single person, that don't even loves you. So what's the point.

    • rishworld profile image

      rishworld 6 years ago from Dreammie Kreatiw World..

      @vocalcoach...... Thankyou very much for reading my hub and for the appreciation... :)

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 6 years ago from Nashville Tn.

      Good hub and I enjoyed reading this. One sided love only leads to a dead end road and is very hard on the self-esteem. If we think highly enough about our selves, we see that we deserve so much more and move on. Voted up and awesome! vocalcoach

    • rishworld profile image

      rishworld 6 years ago from Dreammie Kreatiw World..

      @anonymous.....Ohh woww.....comment wid supporting FACTS.....! Thanxx for making my view and this hub more solid and substantiative....!!!!

    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 years ago

      @tweety i have to say i disagree with you completely and guys like you commit cases like that of radhika tanwar.

      look there are two cases, that if a boy kill any girl because of rejection than without any doubt Boy is a psycho,we generally dont pay attention towards the attitude of boys in life. some boys react in aggressive manner from early days if you reject their demand and these cases are because of same problem.

      the parents of these boys think "ARE BACCHA HAI" no he is not a child, he is mentally unstable who cannot control his emotions.

      any case where a boy kills a girl and then try to say that he loves the girl,the fact is that girl never give the boy any attention hence insulted him. Police too know this, whenever a girl is generally killed by a boy police too know that girl would have simply rejected the boy and the guy would be a psycho . These cases should not be seen as religion but as crooked mentality of few boys who are insulted if any girl reject them.

      There is a word "attraction" or "sexual attraction" which is the reason behind so called "ONE SIDED LOVE" i even don't think we should name it one sided love. Because love itself mean mutual consent of two then what is the meaning of one sided love.

      Better call it attraction or sexual attraction. In delhi whenever i go out of my house you will see some very beautiful girl and you will think of that girl as your girl friend and this happens everytime , and according to you the guy love all the women.Similarly some girls are too hot and i can tell you of my case in my school one girl was extremely beautiful , most boys not directly but in the boys circle used to talk about her. But a psycho will consider this as love and they commit crimes on the basis of "ONE SIDED LOVE CASE".

    • rishworld profile image

      rishworld 6 years ago from Dreammie Kreatiw World..

      @NISHANK..... Hey buddy....spcl thanxzz for the appreciation...and for summing up my view and tweety'z view......u seem to be experienced on this topic...;) Don't worry buddy...destiny has its own way for everything...Hope this hub wud hav givn u more courage....:) Till then, keep smiling....!!!!!

    • profile image

      nishank 6 years ago

      what a blog which can be useful in many ways….specially for those who r in one sided love…..n guys plz use ur sense n c ur future that r u going to be in love with some one?????if yes then Before that just read this blog first hehe(free advice) ..well two lines of first comment by tweety r very true …. She is saying that love is a feeling which automatically generates , true dedication n hope can support u….. but der is something spcl in love because in many years y only one gurl is making u fall in love .. something is der for sure…but according to this awsm blog.. it has some limit…..u can be dedicated…u can do hope but in limit.. u hav to understand without wasting ur preciuous time that she don`t love u (lik u r loving her….in the same way she can love anyone with her choice so itz a chain itz not neccessry that she should also love u becoz u love her that’s not a reason ) .. and der r many ppl in this world who loves u so y to be always sad for one who don`t lov u … just go and enjoy the love of them who loves u,who care abt u…… ( love someone until der is hope that u can get her) but don`t spoil ur precious time of life in thinking all day ….years n years..better to accept truth…and live ur life happily like she is happy in her own life……( evybody likes each other.). someone told me ….so love all … keep smiling …….!!! Awsm blog!!and ya ( love is when two ppl dedicated for each other……when u only is dedicated then it can be called as attraction but if the gurl whome u love understand and give u one chance then this attraction can convert into love for sure)..but practically this world is based on two words( YES AND NO) if yes then yes and if no then no..der is no place for emotions.. so according to this blog be practical and enjoy life!!!!!cheers

    • rishworld profile image

      rishworld 6 years ago from Dreammie Kreatiw World..

      @Tweety........I think u just left the argument....! But okay if you agree.......! Thankxzz for reading......!!! :)

    • profile image

      TWEETY 6 years ago

      dis tym i agree wid ur views bt i was talking about initial stage...he should take atleast one chance.....n dats obvs, u can't force ny one 4 he should try to win her heart so dat......:):) ((()))

      nw happy happy???

    • rishworld profile image

      rishworld 6 years ago from Dreammie Kreatiw World..

      @Tweety.... u completely disagree with this.... hmmmmm,,,,If any one wud hav got courage by reading this blog, then after reading your comment, he will surely reach to the initial stage... hahaha...

      okay, so dis is true that dedication and hopes matters a lot...but this blog is written keeping the view that the guy and d girl know each other well,,, so if there is no germination in the seed of love till now, then the guy should take this neutrally and should accept the truth, that she is not in love with him... And dear, if he will feel even a slightest chance that she will fall n love with him, because of his dedications, then he will surely not come to read this blog... :) Reply Expected!!!

    • profile image

      TWEETY 6 years ago

      well..i don't agree completely..some text is satisfactory bt love some one doesn't mean wastage of time,love is actly i kind of feeling which automatically generates when u see her/him, when u think about him/her......if ur love iz one sided thn only two things r going to support u...HOPE and DEDICATION towared ur luv....u never know , when dese 2 will change ur life, nt alwayas bt yes......dis happens

      sometimes one sided lover's dedication touches her heart in such a manner dat she starts feeling the rythm of ur heart beat n dat tym u will think dat its miracle bt actly dat was ur frm my side one sided lovers should keep hope.

      n i agree wid dis.....dat don't make her to do dis forcefully n don't try to achieve it selfishly becoz luv is kind n patient......

      keep smiling...