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For the One Sided Lovers-2

Updated on June 18, 2013

Hello People, This is my second hub about the One Sided Love. Many people found the previous one nice and helpful; whereas many were against it and for a few special people it was not helpful. So, for those amazing people, this is the Second hub in series. I know I have written a quite long one but you problem is also very big and I need to sort it out.

Firstly, Lets analyze the condition. You are in love with someone and the person doesn’t love you and you are feeling like a thirsty person in a lonesome desert, Right? I can understand this very well. I have been through this and I have seen many people suffering from this pain. Many times counseling helps them. So, I am briefly summarizing few things.

You need to know an incident that happened with a very close friend. He fell in love with the girl who was his best friend. They both used to be like as if they are almost in a relationship. He liked so many things about her and liked to share everything with her. The girl was also so inclined towards him and always gave him the respect and care which he needed. It wasn’t that tough for him to tell her that he love her. But whatever may be the reasons the girl was not positive to be in relationship. Soon, things got started worsening, with each and every day the feelings of the guy started increasing making his mental state more depressing. He started consuming alcohol and series of cigarettes. This even got worse when he started ruining his final examinations and carrier.

He was a creative fellow and he used all his creativity to show his love to her. He kept on telling her for months and months that he loves her and that too in the most romantic ways I have seen yet. But, the sad part is that girl was so strong in her thoughts that it never bothered her. Just to make him step back, she started being unresponsive to his tokens of love.

Once his pretty friend (girl) came to his home and they were all alone. They saw a movie and I don’t know what she felt and she hugged him and kissed his lips. The normal response of a guy must be….what you know. But, my friend just stood up and went out of his home. HA HA! Now you might be thinking "What a loser!!” But, my point is that just understand his desperation of One Sided Love. Now, I am going to tell you the climax part of this real life story in the end of this hub. Before that you need to know few things.

If you are in one sided love, you definitely might be having a notion that this is you first and last love, or you have never felt like this for any girl so this is the love of your whole life and you wish to die if never get her, Right? Well, the first thing that a guy or a girl has in his mind about one sided love is the statement "I wont be able to fall in love again" and "this is the love for my whole life, if he/she will not accept me I will remain single the whole life and I will keep waiting for him/her", but you need to believe me as I am more experienced that THIS IS NOT TRUE.

By scientific experiments it has been proved that, A love affair or a relationship can have a very deep impact on a person's life but not the one sided love. It can impact only if you are receptive to the worse part and you are unknowingly ruining your own life. Whether you accept it or not but it is very easy to move on if you wish so. If you think you are not going to fall in love again then again THIS IS FALSE. You will definitely fall in love again and after a period of time you will laugh at yourself about being so crazy. Disliking my statement? Believe me, experience counts.

People find it harder to move on from a relationship but then also they move on after some time. Though, they knew that person so well and they were physically and emotionally connected, BUT THEY MOVE ON AFTER SOMETIME. So, if a person can move on from a relationship, why can't you? Yours is a minute case in comparison of these relationship breakups. I know it will take time, but if it longer time and at that moment you realize that "Okay, it is over in my heart now'', your life will be back on track but you will lose a very precious thing called time.

One Sided love is like keep wishing to get a car you always see going through the lane in front of your house. If you wish to get that car, even if you will plead to the owner of that car, he won’t give you. Is he being bad to you by not giving his car? No. He just doesn’t wish to give you that. He can decide what he wants. Well, you can get a similar car for you. A car, that will be only yours, which will run for you and only you. Getting my point? Don't be forceful to get someone. The universal forces have abundance for everyone and you will get the one in the right moment.

Yes, Dedication matters but, till what extent? Does dedication means to ruin yourself and your time? Can you be dedicated just by keeping patient for years and years? If you can, then for sure you are going to lose yourself in desperation. So, you need to assess the consequences at least for those people who love you, your parents, good friends and many other special people around. What we do is for the sake of the desperate one sided love we ignore these amazing people who are around us. Are you also doing so? Wake up!

One more thing which I need to let you think is when you don’t get something; consider yourself as an actor of a movie. You might have seen movies in which the actor has to roam around many things, facing failures but at last he gets the most amazing thing and the failures somewhere proves as an advantage. There, the actor doesn’t know what will happen in the end, only the story writer and director knows that. Similarly, here, the universal forces know what is going to happen in the end for you, they are the directors of your movie. So, don’t waste your very precious life, just learn from the situations and problems, realize your SELF-RESPECT and work for your final goal, that will be the best thing you will achieve in the end. Stop listening to sad songs, stop crying, and stop stabbing your self respect.

Yes, about the incomplete story of my friend. That friend sacrificed himself completely to the girl. The girl never accepted the love. One day he somehow realized that this is not the right person for him because she can’t even understand the value of his love. Slowly within a week, he cut down all the contacts from that girl. He changed his cell number, deactivated the email ids and many other things. At that time he felt as if he will never fall in love again. But, he didn’t know that just because in his consciousness he is over that girl, he is now ready for a new happy beginning.

Within three months of this incident he met another girl, whom he now say the sweetest girl in the whole world. They have a great chemistry and amazing bond. She gives him the desired love which he always wished. He now shows his love in the most creative ways and… Guess what! He gets an amazing response and huge love for every time he shows how much he loves her. He is among the very loyal and dedicated 'one woman man' I have ever seen. Now he laughs on himself for his past crazy desperation and he thanks the director of his story for letting him to keep moving till THIS PART OF HIS STORY. Now, if by chance he meets that girl he chats with her very casually. He thanks me for showing him the way and in his mind he also thanks the girl who never accepted him.

If you think that this story is not true then Go to Hell....but I swear that every part of it is true from my heart. I hope I was able to help you somewhere. In my next hub I will cover the tips which will help you to be strong and happy just with yourself. Please leave a comment about what you think and if you need to contact me, contact me on the facebook link given BELOW. You can even share your story with us!

Thank you!


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      thanku for sharing opened my eyes..cuz i lost a lot of my time..n lost all hope of will help me. You rock!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I have been in One syded love wid my best friend for more den 4 yrs...i still Love him..buh I Can't leave him...all I can do is only keep hoping :-(

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      That was exactly what I was going self dignity...same love one life. ..thank yu so much. It was of great help

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Thank you

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      This is just awesome..m sure it will give me a new way of life.. .to rebuild myself. ..thankss a lot...

    • profile image

      ashwin kumar 

      5 years ago

      thanks a lot!!!!! now i have woked up from my sleepy one side love..... i am gonna show attitude to that girl and then only she will understand my value;;;'

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Just Thank's....It will surely Help me...

    • profile image

      Saurabh Suman 

      6 years ago

      I know u r right but if a guy love so much to a girl and he is best in his field he has cracked jee for her ., he is smart and genius and he loves her more than anything he is trying for 3-4 years consistantly how he can forget her your opinions seems to theoretically possible not practically... what one should do in these situations??? i think u never fall in these situations so u can't understand the feelings....

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Ya.......i find it bttr dan lst 1......u again rock...

      Alll words said by u r soooo true....hope it wil hlp ppl to make themselves bettr dan bfore.........Same is happening wit prsntly,i don't think that i wud again fall in love.......i believe on d my prsnt condition's donot accepts it....dat hw cn a prsn fall in love may b possible.......but i may undrstand it only wen it happns wit me....wud surely thank u if it really happns to me.......

      Lstly i wud say,dat ur dis method of hlping 1 sided lovers is the bst methods.....ND BEST WISHES FR UR NXT HUB..!!!!


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