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7 Forgiveness Quotes For Real Life

Updated on June 20, 2019

Forgive so that You Can Be Loved Better

1. Forgiveness Is Love Beyond an Error

Loving people because they are good is ordinary, what is extraordinary is loving people when they need it most after an error. Being able to stay empathetic and see the suffering in the other person's heart rather than the wrong done to you is what makes you different, it means you choose love for yourself rather than judgment for others because as human being we are made in such a way that love makes us feel good while judgment gives us pain, so choosing forgiveness is loving oneself because it means choosing a good feeling for ourselves rather than the bad. When we choose to forgive we allow ourselves to love rather than judge, that is why we may cry because we feel vulnerable, but that means we can live happily without the pain of being the judges holding grudges.

2. Forgiving Is not a Luxury, It Is a Need

We need to forgive even more than we need to be forgiven, this is because failing to forgive puts hindrances in our hearts that stop us from being the best people we can ever be, that in itself is a judgment against our future and as long as we hold grudges we are chained to that poor fate of being lesser beings than we are meant to be, it, therefore, makes us feel inadequate and less love for ourselves. This could mean poor interactions with other people who may have not wronged us who will, in turn, judge us wrongly based on those interactions.

3. Failing to Forgive Sets In Motion a Cycle of Agony

When people judge us wrongly because our attitudes have been spoiled by the lack of forgiveness we tend to dislike them and even do worse, in the end, we become the wrong impression we give when our hearts are hurting because of unforgiveness. Fake smiles, lies, anger issues, selfishness and many other forms of wickedness begin to fill the vacant space left by love in our hearts when we chase it out in preference of unforgiveness.

4. Unforgiveness Breeds Hatred

You fail to forgive a person today and tomorrow you begin hating them, a small room for hate in your life will push for larger space and you find you have more haters than lovers and no real friends, it is just the reward we get for failing to forgive others. It tells off that we don't deserve love because we cannot mend it when it is broken and the third sense in other people tells them to naturally dislike us because we are unreal and unreliable.

5. Unforgiveness Makes You Unlikeable

People feel the negative energy around you when you keep dozens of people locked in the jail of your heart because you are an unforgiving person. No matter how hard you smile, it is hard for them to fully rely on you and become vulnerable to you, in other words, there is a part of you they will always dislike.

6. Forgiveness Is Supernatural

Forgiveness is supernatural, it only happens when you choose to abandon your base character and embrace a higher form of you.

You should practice forgiveness to reach a higher form of yourself because releasing other peoples evils from your heart makes you light enough to fly.

7. Unforgiveness Makes You a Dustbin

When you are an unforgiving person you carry in your heart the rotting evils other people committed a long time ago and they may have even forgotten it, but you still carry it in your heart, so probably you stink emotionally and that is why it is hard to make those true lasting friendships that are healthy.


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