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Forgiveness Is Love

Updated on November 14, 2014

"If we really want to love, we must learn how to forgive" - Mother Theresa

Character is everything. At times in life we go through roller coasters of different experiences, different emotions that cause us to do and say things that we otherwise would not. It doesn't make it right, but somehow, I believe that every human being walking the face of this earth can understand that. That sometimes we can feel our fumes boiling from every direction. Stress, pressure, expectations of ourselves, feelings of expectations from others, and the truth to the expectations that others ACTUALLY do have of us. There is a blurred line often times within all of that and it causes us to react in unrealistic or unpredictable ways... even to ourselves.

The truth to forgiveness, is love. It's also patients in the ones that you love and seeing beyond all of the negatives. It's remember that feeling that you got the very first time that you laid eyes on yours truly even while they are acting out. It's shutting your mouth and letting them get it all out, because the longer that it is held in, the worse that it could potentially become. It's in knowing their heart, that you can find forgiveness to move on. It is in the moments of break downs, that strength is born and growth is formed. Within them, within you, and between the both of you.

"Anger makes you smaller, while forgiveness forces you to grow beyond what you are." Cherie Carter-Scott

Often times, we get angry at the wrong things, at the wrong people. We build everything up and then at the most unexpected moments.... we break. We get angry at the world for the way that things are going, or possibly at all of the ways that they are not going. So we act out. We spit words of unkindness, we make people feel small because we are not in control of how we are truly feeling inside. We want to break them down so that they can feel some sort of, any form of, what it feels like to be inside of you. It can be cruel. It can be undeserving. Most often, it is very undesired.

The beauty in it though, is that if we can find it in us to find the source of all of the pain. To actually take the time to figure out the ugly... we can forgive. But most importantly... we can connect on brand new levels. When you ask someone, "what is really going on?" We must have faith in the fact that they will break it all down and let you know what is bothering them when they are ready to share.

From that point, it is important to have open ears, give them 150% of your attention, and find it in your heart to understand where they are coming from. With that, you can then help them to get through this life with a little bit more of a solid understanding to what once used to seem so blurred.

We must never forget to see the sunshine through all of the cracks



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