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Fourteen Carat Plastic.

Updated on January 4, 2010

Fourteen Karat Plastic





Ahhh, that eternal

circle of gold,
that represents the
ideal of forever more,
and happily

ever after,
and now that

spot is tanned
and feels empty so often.

Even the act

of slipping
through the

smooth ring of it
almost like passion

itself is missed,
after washing

dishes for one....
and the pillow

undimpled next to you
is a place to make

a well of tears.

Your hand often aches

for those golden
moments you once knew,
ahhh, but life would be
Fourteen Karat Plastic
full of spastic if
you went back to what
drove you to remove
that binding ring
that was his claim.

Yet one can dream

can they not,
and men should be

sure that they
never make a

woman forget each
and every

part of them,
right down to

her bare finger,
and leave impressions
that will haunt them
and her in

the middle
of lesser passions
and in the wee

hours of the morn,
when loneliness bites one
right through the
P.J.'s on

their ass.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~©-MFB III


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