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French Kissing Techniques She Will Love - How to Nail the Perfect Kiss

Updated on November 11, 2009

Kissing is a very special part of physical intimacy and women value it with so much passion and zeal that a make-out session is not complete without it. To see it in the romantic light, a kiss entails love --- and let's cut all that crap about "It's just a kiss. No big deal". Old news --- it's for amateurs. A kiss is not just a kiss --- it's so much more than that that's why it's a pity to get stuck on your usual French kiss --- all too predictable and boring. We all love a little sexual tension every time we kiss someone and let's not waste time on not being creative. So let's try to give it a little twist, shall we? Below are the five French kissing techniques she will love --- and definitely drive you wilder. Nail that perfect kiss now.

The slow twirling of the tongue. It's time to get your tongue some serious exercise --- the slow twirling of your tongue on hers will definitely get her all fired up for some more. Women love to be taken slow and nice and they love everything smooth and easy that's why you should reflecting that on your future kisses with her. Believe me, it will tease her senses and she'd be all over you tonight.

Sweet, sensual start. Of course you can also get all rough and a bit more aggressive with your girl, however, it's important that you start slow at first. Give it a sweet sensual start and shift on it to get it more passionate. Once you hear her moaning, groaning and digging her fingers on your back, give it a go --- kiss her with fervor and urgency and she will match your pace with the same eagerness.

All passion and drama. This is a perfect kiss for couples who haven't seen each other for some time --- for a long distance relationship couple, perhaps? Give it your all and pour to the very last ounce of your passion until you're both panting and heavily breathing for more. Warning: might lead to have sex in a matter of seconds.

The teasing flick. Glide your tongue in and out of her mouth, giving her tongue quick flickers of yours. It's like teasing and torturing her to ask for it, to deepen the kiss and end her agony. Keep it going even if she's already holding you tight and practically begging you to give it all --- the passion is like an explosion and the feeling is definitely overwhelming. Enjoy the treat!

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Sexy Neck Kissing Tips For Men - How to Stimulate Your Girl While Making Out

The neck is a very sensitive part of the body but is often taken for granted during foreplay. The amazing part is, it's not only supposed to be given extra attention during foreplay --- the neck can be a great spot to hit on when you're flirting and making out with someone. It has very sensitive and fragile endings and nerves prompting you to feel all high and turned on. And that goes the same with the girls --- kissing their necks is one way of making them feel totally beautiful and desired. So don't get stuck on your regular French kiss and making-out routine --- get wild with these naughty and sexy neck kissing tips for men and you will surely have her instantly!

Look at her first. Eye contact is very crucial in your first attempts to start neck-kissing her. Flirting can take you a long way and maintaining eye contact all the while can be surely lead to other things --- go easy there, cowboy. The eyes reveal so much that you don't have to mind whatever she's saying --- if she can't keep her eyes off of you, that's one sizzling go signals you have there.

Get adventurous. Neck-kissing is not just kissing the neck --- let loose of your imagination! Gentle bites, sloppy ones, light feathery kisses --- you can practically get all naughty and adventurous in all ways possible. Of course, take time to enjoy and savor the pleasure --- you'd surely have a great time.

Use your tongue. Now go easy on this one, it might freak her out. Make sure that you're now in the middle of your hot make-out session before you attempt this. A kiss is not a kiss without the tongue so put it to good use --- when things get all heated up and she's practically begging you to deepen the passion, then it's prime time to unleash the tongue.

Make her moan. How would you do that? Simple --- make it linger. Of course, I have to warn you on possible beet red kiss marks on the neck but that's okay --- everybody can understand. A few neck kissing escapades sure is a sexy way to spend the weekend now, isn't it?

Let her know it feels good. By this time, she may have reciprocated the action. When she's giving you her own neck kissing techniques, let her know it makes you feel good --- moaning and groaning can definitely get your message across. It's going to turn her on big time in a snap!

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