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Friend or Lover

Updated on October 3, 2009

Alot of times, this question often pop into my head " Friend or Lover"? There are alot of times you are able to meet someone "special" or "potential" but often, end up as friends, close friends, initimate friends or best friends. A friend told me this before, " everyone around you has a potential of starting a relationship, but is whether you want or not. " I strongly believe so.

Sometimes, we can be even be in a situation whereby he/she is really so nice. Too nice that you have forget that he/she is just only your best friend. Do you ever have such a question when your colleague is almost a perfect guy but he is married. Your relationship between him can only be as colleagues or normal friends and nothing beyond that.

Or even when a guy that you have crush on. And when you know that he don't have any chemistry with you. Your liking to him, can only be kept within yourself... or change from liking to a form of friends' liking. But often this line is very vague. Just across the line, it can be more than just friends or you have forget that "we are only friends".

Another point of time, you prefer as what it is, cause when things become clear. Things will never be the same. You and him/her.... When a choice is there and you need to make this decision, it will never be same. Cause you know that the moment when he/she tells you, "let's just be friends". You relationship with him will be change.

But if you falls in this kind of situation, what will you do? Just remain in this vague line, where you hope one day, we can change from friends to lovers... Or remain as friends forever.  


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