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Friends Can Be More

Updated on January 5, 2015

The problem with society is that they think that there is always a time limit. If you are just friends with someone now people think that you will always be just friends with that person. That is not always true.

Friends can turn into something more. Those relationships are the best relationships to have. You trust each other and could be yourself around each other. There is no anxiety if they do not text you back right away because you have been friends with each other for so long and know that they would never want to do anything to hurt you.

When you start off as friends you trust that they will always be there. You are more relaxed around each other and both of you could be yourselves around each other.

When you go out and meet a guy at a bar it is different than being friends first. It isn't as romantic or cute as dating your best friend. You do not know the other person so the trust is not 100% there from the start. You have to go on a couple of dates before you get to know each other and trust each other. If they do not get back to you right away you might jump to conclusions because you do not know them well enough yet. You are scared to be yourself because you are dating a total stranger.

When you are dating somebody it is important that you trust each other and you could be yourself around each other. If you do not have trust in a relationship you do not have much. If you cannot be yourself with somebody that you are dating than you should not be with that person.

It is nice when you have a guy you are just friends with and look at all the memories you have shared with each other. You could see how they were there for you though the good and bad times.

People may try to talk you out of it. They will try to tell you to forget about that guy friend of yours who you have secret feelings for. Why would you want to forget about someone who was there for you when you were heartbroken? Why would you want to forget about someone who you have a lot of good memories with?

Knowing that you have a lot of memories with someone is what makes the relationship worthwhile. When you know that someone has been in your life through everything you faced you should want to be with that person. Loyalty is also another important part of a relationship.

Loyalty is being there through thick and thin. When someone really loves someone they will be there for that person they will not leave when they do not get what they want. When someone loves someone they will stay by that person's side no matter what they are going through. That is what true love is.

When you are friends first you both care a lot about each other. You do not want to see each other get hurt and hate seeing each other sad. You are protective for each other and the love is slowly there building into something more.

Sometimes it is all about timing. There are plenty of people who have ended up dating their best friend. They went on so many dates searching for the love that they wanted only to find that their dream guy was there all along. Sometimes the right person is already in your life but you just do not know it yet.

If you have a guy friend who you want to be more know in your heart it could happen. Do not make the mistake that most people do and say "It would have happened already." When you say that or wonder why you are not getting what you want you will only give yourself depression and anxiety. Keep your options open but do not cross someone on your list, especailly if they are everything you want in someone. When it comes to love there is no time limit. Friends do become more and the great thing about life is you never know what could happen.

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