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Friends Who Overgeneralize

Updated on September 21, 2015

Have you ever had a group of friends and all they did was complain? "All guys are cheaters and liars," "Never believe a guy when he says his phone broke or he left it in the car," "All girls are gold diggers etc." Before long your energy is drained and then you start to wonder how come you have no healthy relationships.

A lot of guys do cheat but there are good ones out there. Phones do break and it is possible to leave it some place. You have no idea when someone is lying to you and accusing someone of lying with no actual proof is really bad. It is especially bad if you want to have a relationship with this person. Relationships require trust. How would you like it if the shoe was on the other foot. Say you were walking and you dropped your phone and it crashed into pieces. Would you like it if you were dating a guy and he accused you of lying just because you told him that? If you want someone to trust you you should be able to trust someone else until you have proof or have an actual reason to be suspicious.

Their are girls out there who are gold diggers. Their are movies on lifetime such as Sugar Daddies in which college girls sleep with older men so they pay for their college tuition. It is a big thing and it goes on in today's times. Just because there are girls like that out there does not mean that all girls are like that. There are actual girls that go with guys their own age and do perfer love over money.

When you are around girls like this you start to wonder things when you meet a guy. You panic and are on edge when the guy can be a good guy because of the things that they put into your head. Then before you know it your in a relationship that is on it's way to failure.

While it is great to have friends and everyone has their flaws be careful who you spend your time with. People like this are doing nothing by making negative statements about people just becuase they had bad experiences. Everyone has been hurt at one time or another but you cannot have trust issues and go assuming that the whole world is bad. There are good people out there. Sometimes you have to go through a lot of bad people and broken hearts before you find the person who will treat you right.

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Limit your time with these people and look for people who are positive. You could still hang out with these people but watch what you tell them because they will rain on your parade. They will make you jump to conclusions and overthink things. They will put fear in you and cause you to have trust issues. They will train you to think the worst in every situation. So look for people who will keep you calm and relaxed and not cause you to worry when you do not have a reason to worry.

Look for people who are balenced and have faith that no matter how things look everything will turn out okay. Be with people who are always happy. Everyone has their down days but to constantly be fearing the worst is not healthy. To never trust someone just because of your past is not a good thing.

Be around people who show you that it is okay to give someone the benefit of the doubt. Be with people who show you to take a risk on love. When you are in love you do risk getting hurt but it is worth it because love is the greatest feeling there is. So love with all your heart and do not let fear get in the way.

Expand your social circle and look for the good in people and in everyday situation. Not everyone is bad. So do not go around thinking that way. It could be scary trusting someone after you have been hurt but trust is an important part of a relationship. If you do not have trust you do not have anything at all.


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