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Friendship - A Model Way

Updated on September 1, 2016
Friendship, in one beautiful moment...
Friendship, in one beautiful moment... | Source

Definition and Purpose

A friend once asked me, 'What is friendship?'

At that moment, I realized that I had no clear definition of friendship (and I am not talking about the dictionary, the definitions don't cut it). I believe I know the purpose of friendship (a question mark in there), we all think we do! But again, a wise man (Myles Munroe) once said "When the purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable". This foolproof statement by Myles, once shared and applied positively by two people in a contract, friendship, relationship, e.t.c, mitigates a lot of heartaches and disappointments.

A model on 'friendship'

Not to go off course, i still have no clear definition (ha ha!), but I have a 'model'; one that describes friendship from my point of view as an ongoing concern. You ready? here it is;

"Friendship is communication;communication on a level that transcends self and time. It can relate every day or every other day but still know the core of the thoughts and actions of those that call themselves, friends.

At any point, it should speak love, whether in disagreement or agreement. Its intention should never be in doubt and not to be questioned by those bound by friendship. Friendship should grow, but at its natural pace through a serene atmosphere where the flower of friendship buds - sticking out for each other, correcting a flaw, rebuking an action, forgiving each other genuinely, praising each other in good works and letting mutual dreams flourish - and then it blossoms, all with love at the centre."

"When the purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable"

— Myles Munroe

Final words on friendship

I believe the model I described can be applied to any friendship and it's success depends on how committed 'friends' are to seeing it through. It may not be all encompassing and I may have missed other important points, but I am sure of one thing, genuine friendship is beautiful.

Friendship is communication; communication on a level that transcends self and time.


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