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Friendship and Eternal Friendship

Updated on September 28, 2016

To understand and achieve true friendship

Friendship is an asset for everybody and I never heard that, any person is without a friendship! One can understand that we are not talking about so-called formal kind of friendship! We must see friendship as gender free bias is one condition to become genuine about this kind of friendship!

Yes there may be categories of friendship: As per my view we can count four categories:

One, the friendship based on emotional level and understanding as well as the emotional matching would lead those friends at a height that provide them really a self satisfaction of the friendship.

Two, the friendship based on mental level, intellectual level and they have an amazing tuning of mental and intellectual exchanging that their difference of opinions have also meaningful friendship!

Three, the friendship based on soul level, spiritual level; which has a vibrational in-depth understanding for each other's things, thoughts, and deeds! They talk to understand and for unity!

Four, the ultimate friendship, in which all the approaches of friendship are integrated and the connected with such friendship are just sharing everything through their subtle presence with each other and stay on the board of the ultimate unity!

Well, any category holders could reach there by achieving gradually other level, or may be gradually all the level evolve from within and the ultimate friendship would occurred naturally too!

And there is always the chance of getting grace for such achievement completely!

Can we say such friendship ETERNAL FRIENDSHIP?

What do you think, my friends?


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    • snarlmkiv profile image

      snarlmkiv 9 years ago

      nice article. i agree with you on some points. its true that no man is an island, and thus no man can live without friends or companions. id like to share an article about friendship.