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Frigid ? No more !

Updated on June 6, 2013

Frigidity has many causes !

Frigidity is defined as a lack of desire for physical intimacy and an inability to be aroused by stimulation in women past their puberty. It can be due to a psychological problem or a physical condition. It affects upto 40% of women at some time in their life. Human relationship is a complex set of emotions and behaviors that involves feelings of romance, closeness and security. Frigidity if not addressed can lead to conflict and damage an otherwise compatible relationship with the male partner.

It is categorized into four categories. The first category, Hypoactive desire disorder, is charachterized by an almost total lack of interest and an aversion to any physical relationship. It is embedded into the woman`s subconscious and is linked to larger issues that need to be identified and tackled. The second category is known as Female arousal disorder, in which the woman has difficulty being aroused. It could be due to the partner`s insensitive or crude technique, past abuse, anxiety about inadequacy or guilt feelings due to past relationships. In the third category called Female orgasmic disorder(FOD), the woman participates in the physical relationship, but is unable to reach orgasm. Achieving orgasm in a woman is a learned response, unlike in men in whom it is an inherent response. Proper counselling and reassurance would help resolve the problem.

The fourth category is called ' Dyspareunia' meaning pain and discomfort during attempted intercourse. It can be due to local infections or the presence of an abscess, wart. tumor or other growth. Appropriate medical or surgical treatment would relieve the symptoms and the woman can have a normal marital life. If the condition is due to psychological reasons, the help of a psychiatrist should be sought.

Frigidity can also be caused by many general health disorders. Chronic fatigue, illhealth, trauma at childbirth. etc can be responsible. Medical disorders like Diabetes, heart disease, vascular disease etc can cause impairment of blood flow leading to dryness and reduced sensitivity. Damage to the nerves in the pelvic region during surgically assisted childbirth can also weaken the sensitivity. The use of certain drugs like sleeping pills, antidepressants and alcohol can lead to impaired libido.

The hormones play a crucial role in a woman`s life cycle. There is a reduced desire in women after the menopause due to a reduction in the hormone levels leading to dryness and reduced sensitivity. Hormonal imbalances during and after pregnancy and while breast feeding can lead to a temporary lack of desire. Long term use of oral contraceptive pills can also cause hormonal imbalance leading to reduced desire.

The psychological causes for frigidity include stress, anxiety, depression, fear and realtionship problems with the partner. Poor communication between the partners is often found to be the root cause for the problem. The inability of the woman to express her desires and voice her problems compounds the issue. The lack of knowledge about a woman`s anatomy by the male partner can cause confusion and embarassment leading to relationship problems.


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