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From Friends To Frolic (Don't do it !!)

Updated on February 1, 2011

Sex and Friendship. An unstable mixture.

I do agree, that a good relationship should start off as a good friendship. However, make sure that the relationship is going in that direction before you introduce sex to it. Because their has never been a time, when I have heard; "We are friends with benefits." and it remains true. In all cases, that I have heard of, ends up in destruction. Let me explain why this happens.

First, people have a carnal nature and what may not be, or start off as, sexual attraction, will at some point get there. We may see someone as just a good friend, someone you can talk to,or someone that will listen to you. But trust me, sooner or later, that carnal nature will come into play, whether on one side or both. Fall prey to it and you have got yourself a mixture for a real live W.M.D.

Secondly, more women are effected by this then most men, and that is the all emotional, soft and gushy, and forever fragile, heart. This thing, when not properly controlled, gets us in more trouble the anything. It will happen on that one day when you and your friend are just talking, then all of a sudden, it happens. One of you will see something that starts the heart beating in palpatation and this glow comes over that person in a way you have never seen before.  Then that attraction factor will begin to manifest and next thing you know, you are thinking about this person in more intimate ways and before you have time to think clearly, you wake in bed next to them. And now you are saying to yourself; "Why did I do this? This was a mistake! Boy I really messed up this time."  This is a devastation the likes of Nagasaki or Hiroshima and will be just as painful to some ones heart.

So please, stop and think before you cross those lines and blend together something that you really don't want to have deal with the aftermath. Make sure, before you go further, that both of you are on the same page. DON'T ASSUME !!!! BE SURE !!! 

A good relationship is hard enough to come by, why add a unstable mixture, if you can't control it. And if you can control it, make sure both of you know the dangers.

                                                                                                             Thank You !!



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    • blaqcheri profile image

      blaqcheri 6 years ago from Greer, South Carolina

      Well if you know it isn"t a good thing to even get into then why do it? At some point is it possible that maybe the feelings are more then sexual? Why can't men deal with their feelings instead of acting as if they have none. Don't give the story of how society or home life reared them. As adults you have the right to choose, So be big enough to face the consequences of don't dip into the inevitable. Man up or step off.