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From Me To You - My Non-Blood Sister

Updated on December 23, 2016

Me Before You

Before you came along I was lost. My Saturday nights usually consisted of movies and an early bed time because there was nothing fun to do. Summers scared me because of the space in time in which I would be absolutely bored to tears with nothing to do. It was no way to live.

Then, best friend, I met you.

You see, before you came along, I was not much. Sure, I was my own person, but you helped complete me in that since. I hadn't figured out who I was yet, what I wanted to do with my life, or really what I even wanted to eat for dinner that night, but you helped with all of that. Sure, we were only teenagers, but we got to do something that not a lot of best friends get to do. Grow together and learn together.

Before you came along I was stumbling along the path of life, blinding trying to feel for the right direction. Now that you are here I can rest assured in the fact that no matter how hard my walk gets, I will always have you stumbling along right there with me.

Thank You For Being My Sister

Biologically or not, (I don't care much for scientific terms anyhow) you are my sister.

God knew, before I even knew, that I needed a sister. My mother never birthed one. God himself hand picked you to come into my life at the perfect time. It doesn't matter that you don't have the same DNA in your veins that I do. I have a better connection with you than most people in my family who do share that same blood stream.

I firmly believe that you are the sister I was meant to have. You just happened to be given to me a little later in life. God knew what he was doing. You became my rock, my strength when I was feeling weak, my four am phone call because I couldn't sleep. When we lived down the road from each other where we first met, you were my buddy system to walk home. You were my exercise partner and the window I threw rocks at between the hours of 2am and 4am because I wanted to talk.

My Saturday nights were not lonely anymore. They turned into game nights and midnight walks. My early bed time changed to 'whenever we get back from hanging out'. My old Chevy truck built some miles up on it from our back road cruises and long talks about life. My lonely was replaced with bright days, fun summers, and a smiling face to enjoy it all with me.

Simply calling you my 'best friend' doesn't do justice to our relationship. Thank you for being my sister.

Thank You For Being My Rock

Thank you for being there for me even when I didn't want to hear what you had to say. Thank you for being my rock, the words I didn't want to hear but needed to, and the shoulder to cry on even when I didn't want to be around a soul.

You have been my rock in more ways than just being there for me when I needed you. You were there for me when I felt like I didn't need anybody, faithfully, you never left my side. You were there for me when I pushed you out. You stayed close, just in case I needed you, even when I told you I was going to do what I wanted (even when you told me it wasn't right). I'm a stubborn mess and you have stuck it out with me for the long run.

Thank you for telling me the hard things that nobody wants to say. For challenging me when I am being difficult and bullheaded. For making me re-think everything before I make a final decision and most of all, for making me see the bigger picture and not just my side of things.

Since I have met you, you have been the other half of my brain. The missing piece that helped me to become a better person. The person I am today would not exist had I not encountered your wonderful soul.

You Are So Much More Than Just A Friend

Calling you merely my best friend would be an insult to our entire lives together. You are so much more to me than just my friend.

I can look back on many major defining factors in my life and maybe with the exception of one, you have played a major role in all of them. Do you believe best friends can be soul mates and vise versa? I do since meeting you! I still remember the day that we instantly clicked and girl to girl, you just felt like home to me. A safe place to land any time I needed one.

Even through my marriage that didn't go so well, you stood strong by my side, voiced your opinion but then let me make my own mistakes. Still, even when you were right and I was wrong about things, you never once told me so. You simply picked me back up and helped me carry on my way towards better things.

I know we have had our differences. We have had our fights. Nothing has ever been enough to keep us apart for long and for you resilience, I must say, I admire you deeply. No one has ever stuck it out as long with me as you have. You are my family. My kids and future kids Aunt. My sister to all whom I introduce you to and any who ask. Thank you for being so much to me in this walk called life and for never leaving my side no matter how hard it has gotten. I will always be thankful for your beautiful soul.


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