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From unemployment to 7 restaurant boss

Updated on May 18, 2016

Sometimes, looking back at his premises by the master District Taco, Hoil still could not believe what was happening. "I like to show people what you can see. So I never give up," he said.

Hoil is the youngest of three siblings. Raised in Yucatan (Mexico), he frequently assist mothers cooking. She is a great cook and very rigorous in the selection of materials. As a child, Hoil hated being caught back fields to find more fresh tomatoes. However, he noticed this time was useful for his business very much.

Freshness has become the business philosophy of Taco Distric. "The ability to choose the food is what I learned. Because my mother always made me go back to the farm to pick fresh vegetables for her cooking," Holi said.


Osiris Hoil succeeded with Mexican food restaurant chain. Photo: CNBC

At 18, moved to the US Hoil. Initially, his work as a cook for a restaurant in Colorado. Then, Hoil can not speak English. However, he has found the motivation to learn new languages ​​thanks to learn the beautiful waitress Jennifer.

"If you want to talk to her, I need to speak English," recalls Hoil. He learned by having to repeat patrons regular expressions. "When the shift ended at 10 pm, I have talked to people who have drunk tick spit, trying to understand and match sentences together".

His strategy worked. Hoil and Jennifer, now his wife, now has 3 children. In 2006, they moved to Virginia. Osiris Hoil choose to work in the construction industry. However, the crisis in 2008 that led him to be fired.

"I will never forget those days. My wife was pregnant at the time and I really need a job. I told the boss that I just have to pay the minimum wage also, even I can go clean floor, "he recalled. Then, Hoil can not find any suitable jobs in the construction industry and cooking.

However, it turned out to be a chance for Hoil. For winding spirit, he invited some friends and family to taste Mexico because he personally prepared, inspired by her mother's recipes and fresh ingredients with high standards.

One of the neighbors of Hoil - Marc Wallace, enjoyed carne asada beef. Wallace was so used to the image of the car selling food in Texas and saw some things that Hoil not recognize.

"I think car sales are not professional food very much," said Hoil. But Wallace has encouraged him to learn.


One of his restaurant in Washington. Photo: CNBC

Hoil noticed the cars are quite expensive food, about $ 90,000. "I'm not sure if he was serious or not. I told Wallace about his situation - no job, no insurance. Then he said," Let's do this yet ", and I thought he crazy crazy, "recalls Hoil.

However, Wallace has convinced his neighbor. Hoil raised from friends and family is $ 30,000 to buy a car salami sandwiches sold in 2009.

Thanks to advertise on Twitter and menu changes daily, District Taco, formerly known as D.C. Taco has achieved many successes. They continued to grow despite facing competition from major brands like Chipotle and Baja Fresh.

"We serve 200 customers a day. Then I told Marc that" I think we should take the business to a different level, "he said.

In 2010, they opened the first restaurant and is 7 basis throughout Washington and is planning to increase the number. Hoil said that at every restaurant was serving 600 customers a day.

"I am very happy to have created something. The people love their products is also very precious. They are more like food District Taco how much of our success that much more," said Hoil.


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