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Fun Games for Bridal Showers

Updated on March 14, 2013

Fun games for bridal showers do not have to be complicated. Some of the most fun games are the most simple games to organize. Below are four examples of fun games for bridal showers. There are of course many more games that you can organize for the bridal shower.


The Veil Game

For this game you will need three sheets of white tissue paper for each guest. Each guest is then asked to make a veil with the three sheets of tissue paper. You can make it easy for them by giving them tape or staplers or you can give them nothing. The idea of the game is to see who can come up with the prettiest veil. You can have prizes for the winner and you can make it more interesting by giving the guests ribbons, glitter lace and other decorative items.

Veil Game

The Question Game

This game is a fun and unique bridal shower game. You will need some index cards and some pens for each guest. Sit in a circle and hand out an index card for each guest. Ask them to write on one side of the card a question that relates to the bride. Collect all the index cards up and shuffle them. Once they have been shuffled had them out again, making sure that the index cards do not go back to the same person. Once the cards have been handed out, ask the guests to write the answer to the question they originally put on their card. Collect the cards back in and hand them to the bride. Ask her to read the question and then the answer on the other side of the card. The resulting answers should be completely unrelated to the question that was asked.

The Quetion Bridal Shower Game


Bridal Balloon Pop

For this game you will need some balloons (one for each guest and an few extra) and some sheets of paper. Write on the sheets of paper little notes such as ‘sorry you haven’t won’; ‘try again’ and ‘not this time’ and one note that says ‘winner’. Before you blow the balloons up, pop the notes inside the balloons. Blow the balloons up and give one to each guest. Ask them to put their hands behind their back. The aim of the game is to pop the balloons using no hands, and the person who has the ‘winner’ not inside their balloon wins a prize. To make it more fun, don’t blow the balloons up fully, it will make them harder to pop.

Bridal Shower Balloon Pop Game


Apron Game

For this game ask the bride to put on her apron and go to a separate room in the house. You will then attach to the apron as many kitchen items as possible (such as spoons). Ask the bride to go back into the room and circle casually for about a minute, then leave again. Ask your guests to sit in a circle and give them a pen and paper. Ask them to write down as many items they can remember that was on the apron. The person who remembers the most items get s a prize. For added fun, add some obscure items to the apron and hand out bonus prizes to whoever remembers them.

Fun games for bridal showers do not have to be complicated. The four examples above are easy to play, fun and do not require much preparation.

Bridal Shower Games Apron Game


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