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Every king needs a Prophet

Updated on March 19, 2014

we all need a prophet

Anytime God wants to do anything on earth, He sends a prophet. A prophet is the mouth piece of God; an intermediary between heaven and the earth. The only way the will of God in heaven can be done on earth is through a prophet. Through prophet Joseph Israel came to Egypt to fulfill what God told Prophet Abraham about his generations even before Isaac was born. When the new pharaoh that did not know Joseph ascended the throne of Egypt and made the Israelites slaves to serve in untold hardship, God sent Prophet Moses to deliver them out of bondage. “And by a prophet the LORD brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was he preserved.” (Hos. 12:13)

  • Ø It takes a Prophet for a king to succeed. King Saul did not recognize his prophet and his kingdom was taken away from him and given to David.
  • Ø It takes a prophet for a Nation to prosper. King Saul never believed in his prophet and the Nation of Israel did not prosper during his reign but suffered defeats and even lost the Ark of God to their enemies.
  • Ø It takes a Prophet for man to prosper and fulfill destiny.(2 Chr. 20:20b)

A prophet has special anointing to access special miracles from the treasure house of God and prophesy or minister same to those who come to them. Spiritual blindness and lack of divine revelation is the characteristic outcome for a man that is not a prophet or without a Prophet. The man without a prophet will walk in darkness and fall into enemy’s pit and traps regularly. The major reason while people are bedeviled with delays and stubborn demonic problems are because there is no prophet. It might also be that they sought and took the counsel of false prophets. There are good or true Prophets and there are bad or false Prophets; your experience with bad prophets should not discourage you but inspire you to learn how to recognize and connect with a true prophet. However, God’s will is to reveal whatever He is about to do to Prophets, “Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.” (Amos 3:7)


  1. He is the custodian of God’s secrets(Amos 3:7)
  2. He is a direction giver; do whatever they ask you to do
  3. He is the divine mouthpiece; God speaks to humans through the prophet
  4. He is God’s oracle – ask them what God is saying concerning any matter affecting your peace of mind
  5. He is a Gap man; an intercessor
  6. He is a deliverer and preserver of life (Hos. 12:13, also read the story of the widow of zarephath)
  7. He sees things ahead
  8. He is an agent of rebuke; David was rebuked by Prophet Nathan for killing Uriah after adultery with his wife Beersheba.
  9. He is an agent of Good news

10. He is a solution provider; be careful of false prophets who reveal your problems without offering a solution

Beloved, save yourself from unnecessary oppression, danger, waste and even untimely death, connect to your prophet now and remain connected by constant seed and fatherly care. Shalom!


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