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Updated on March 18, 2012

`Spiritual Master' is the nearest possible word for Guru and represents the special Divine status of a Saint, and Guru tattva means that special Divine power which enables a Saint to be called a Guru.

The `will to Grace the souls' or the `power of Grace' in its absolute supremacy is the personality of Radha Rani. Radha and Krishn are Both the same, so Both are absolute Guru tattva. The radiance of Their Graciousness is in all the forms of God and Goddess like Shiv, Vishnu etc. and also the Saints who are one with Them. Thus, all the Divine personalities are called Guru. A Saint says,

"All the true Saints who stay in the world to Grace the souls are called Guru." In ignorance, people call any preacher or initiator as Guru, but according to the scriptures, only a true Saint, who Graces the souls with the feelings of Divine love, holds the dignity of being called a Guru or a Spiritual Master.

Thus, it is proved that Guru (the Saint) and God are one, but through the Grace of a Saint, the devotee attains God. For this reason, Krishn says, "Those who are the devotees of My Devotees (the Saints) are more loving to Me than those who try to do My worship on their own."

The Grace in form.

A Saint is actually `Grace in form' who comes to this earth planet to release the souls from the bondage of maya. It is he who reveals the secrets of devotion for the good of the souls. It is he who blesses the devotees with divine love consciousness. It is he who removes their had sanskars. It is he who delights the souls with devotional experience. And it is he who unveils the veil of mava from the devotee's heart and shows him Divine vision. Who can imagine his love and boundless Grace which he showers upon the souls? And what do we give to him'?

History tells us that

  • Tulsidas was robbed and harassed because he showed a simple way of God realization and condemned religious imposters,
  • Meera was nicknamed and defamed because she sang the glory of Krishn, and
  • Haridas was nearly killed because he openly distributed the Bliss of the Divine name of Krishn.

Like these, many other instances fill the pages of religious history.

In spite of all this a Saint still does his work and tries to divert the minds of the people towards God, and Graces the souls with the help of his graceful teachings and gracious conduct.

Take a piece of sandalwood. Cut it, and what do you get? The perfume. Smell it, and what do you experience? The same perfume. In every way, a piece of sandalwood gives its particular perfume, because its every fiber is filled with perfume. Similarly, a Saint has only Grace in him to impart to others. He is Grace personified so his every move and his every action imparts Grace, nothing else. For some personal reason if you oppose a Saint, even then he Graces you. In that case he will feel compassion at your ignorance and would like to see you change and become devoted to God, but for opposing him you will be punished by God for your spiritual transgression. What I mean to say is, that by his very nature a Saint always imparts his Grace.

His representation of Divine power.

This topic is of utmost importance for a seeker of Divine love. There is a common misunderstanding among people that any true Saint can impart Divine love or the vision of Krishn. This is not so. There are some complexities in this matter which we should resolve to understand.

As I explained in who is a saint, there are many classes of Saints who live in this world. Every Saint represents in himself a particular form of God and a particular class of Blissfulness. What he has attained the same he will impart to a fully surrendered disciple.


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    • penofone profile image

      Anish Patel 6 years ago

      Guru Tattva is a beginning of a stage of development of ego slash mankind philosophy, a sort of evolutionary of a new thought pattern that ultimately leads to salvation?

      I thought life was about Money, Mike, Women and I'm Strep. Cut it out Guru Tattva youre so handsome.

      Anish "Randomness" Patel