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Lack of Communication will break your Relationship

Updated on December 7, 2014

How to save a relationship

Communication is defined as the interchanging of thoughts, opinion or information by speech, writing or signs within two or more people, animals or even computers. Every single day, we all go through various communication processes in our homes, offices, malls etc. Effective communication among friends, lovers, sibling is essential and a little gap in communication could break or mend a relationship of several years.

A short story of a couple in a relationship, Diana and Kelvin have had a great friendship

Diana missed two calls from Kelvin and suddenly picked the third one.

“Hello Diana where are you”

I left my phone in the room, I am in the kitchen replied Diana, at the other side of the phone

“Diana what are you doing that you would not pick my call”

Diana replied, you know what I am tired of all these interrogation every time I miss your calls. I just told you that I was in the kitchen.

And suddenly, there is a serious argument among both of them. This sort of argument continued every time Diana misses Kelvin calls. However, Diana became more defensive after several arguments.

Diana told Kelvin one day that this issue is breaking their relationship and she does not appreciate it. She said her dad was a real authority figure, Diana continued, everything has to be so. I realized that whenever you criticized me over the phone, it felt just like my dad coming down on me. It triggered that fear reaction and brought out the rebel in me. Every time you question me, I felt like you were insecure because I always wanted a man to trust me. Diana continued, I would appreciate if you don’t have to question me once I miss your call. it shows that I was not there to pick and when I picked I would explain the reason without a fight.

I don’t mean any harm to question you Diana, it just shows how much I care, I appreciate that you told me this, said Kelvin.

Some relationship with shaky foundations can be improved. After an honest discussion about the past, some couples do find it in their hearts to forgive and love each other again. We are all imperfect, we will sometimes hurt the one we love but the word “sorry” could make a difference, so be quick to say it.

Most couple never give themselves the opportunity to explain a situation without a fight, some assumed and rain insults on the other. If you are wronged, give the other person a benefit of doubt to come up with their excuse for the situation without just assuming and blowing up. With these, you might see it in a way, you never initially saw it. My advice is to listen to the other party before taking an action.


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    • profile image

      Phoebe Pike 6 years ago

      Very interesting hub, it's true too, a little more communication never really hurts. :)

    • lola oyedotun profile image

      Lola Oyedotun-Balogun 6 years ago from Calgary

      @brichards22, thank you so much for your comment. i always think i am a very poor writer, but your comment just encouraged me. I received your mail as well. Prides kills a nation, but humility builds it.

    • brichards22 profile image

      brichards22 6 years ago from new south wales ,Australia

      You are a wonder writer already? I have been struggling for years but you got what it takes to be a great writer keep it up its good to see the emotion in the writing ? Yes I like it well done.

      Yes I agree the world is in a sick state at this present time. However I have faith that it will change! lets hope we can humble ourselves, because if we don't humble ourselves God will have to allow the circumstances of life to humble us. This is the reason for the tragic things that are happening around the world right now? the power of our prayers are sadly under estimated. The Lord said that if my people that are called by my name will humble them selves and pray! I will hear from heaven and heal their lands.

      Please share this with your friends and mailing list /Missionary in need,