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Gay Dating Online - an Exercise to Ensure Your Gay Partner's Sustained Interest in You

Updated on October 5, 2010

Have you often faced this situation whereby it was easy for you to set up a first impression over a gay dating site, but eventually you saw your prospective gay date lose interest in you over a period of time? Are you tired of browsing through online dating reviews for possible advice to save your situation? Is your problem not just about getting a gay date, but sustaining one? You are sure you know the one skill of how to create a good first impression in the world of gay men dating. Yet are you unsure of how to carry it forward with the same level of dynamics between you and your gay date, so as to have your gay partner crave more of you on a consistent basis? If yes, then read on to know how to imbibe new and lasting skills in getting exactly the kind of ideal relationship equation you want with your gay partner. Be it black gay dating, interracial gay dating, regional gay dating or international gay dating, you can get the skills to win through absolutely any gay dating scenario.

No matter where you are, you can practice this nearly anywhere, as long as you have a few minutes of free time in hand. All you have to do is know that you are going to do this exercise, as part of your regular routine and set a few minutes exclusively aside for it every day. It is simple. Just close your eyes and start constructing a visualization, whereby you can see yourself as the person you always wanted to be. If you want to look like a supermodel, so be it. Make it an integral part of your visualization, to see yourself in a toned body and armed with attractive looks, if that is what you want. This will do you more good than any other gay dating advice or gay dating tips that you may stumble upon online.

See what clothes you are wearing, what is the cute expression on your face, and what is the enrapturing fragrance you are wearing? How warm and content is your smile, how white are your teeth, how dazzling are your eyes, and how silky are your hair? What is the posture of your body? Take this ultimate dream image you have just constructed, and now begin to visualize it as your past, present and future. As if you were always this, you are presently this and you are supremely self-assured you are always going to be this way in future too.

Feel within what it feels to know that it is this perspective from which people around you are treating you. It is this perspective from which they respond to your presence, your absence, your interest, or your queries. Feel the empowerment. I know it sounds downright silly. The next thing you know someone comes and behaves rude and you fall from your self-created bubble and feel all shattered.

But hold on. Creating the visualization is fine, but sustaining it is what is most important. Sustain it to the point that it becomes your reality. Do not get affected by minor or even major variations from the response you are expecting from other people, while in this elated state of mind. This consistent sustenance of your new and improved levels of confidence and self-empowerment will at a subconscious level, begin to refocus your lifestyle, diet, habits, fitness activities and demeanor towards your ultimate requirement.

Reinforce your beliefs with encouraging self talk. Almost 100% of the time that we humans are awake, we are talking to ourselves. And what do we talk? Something on the lines of, "oh my god, this happened, now what will happen next?" OR "oh my god, this happened, now that will not happen" OR "oh my god, this happened; now how can I make that happen?" The third way is the way to think. "How can I make a certain thing happen, now that this has happened?"

The way you habituate yourself to think, your mind will respond in accordance. If you say, "he is gone". Then yes, "he is gone". If you think, "How did he go?" your mind is going to give you positive and negative reasoning of "how or why he went?" If you think, "What can I do to avoid this in future?" or "How can I get him back?" your mind will provide the solutions to that.

On the other hand, if you think, "He is here. Life for me is independent of whether he is or he isn't. I am at peace with myself, content and independent. I am reasonably good in my relationship and if there is an issue, I find a solution if practically possible. If practically impossible, I give it the time and space to recover on its own. If still impossible, I move on. Meanwhile I concentrate on other priorities in my life. This is because I know, no one leaves. Anyone who does leave eventually happens to comes back in some form or the other, while I may or may not have moved on depending on what is practically gainful for my good future." And guess what. That thought, that confidence, indeed makes you a human magnet.

You will see how self-empowering thinking like this can be. You will see how thinking positive, can make it next to impossible for a gay partner who once associates with you, to dissociate with you again. This is because the positivity you exude will be too hard to resist. There will be just too many people vying for you, thereby making it a foolishness for your potential date to lose you, because who doesn't want a physically, mentally and emotionally sound partner. If you do this right, you will never find your gay roommate lose interest in you. You'll get it so right that you'll get yourself noted and taken seriously, right from an introductory gaychat level in the beginning, to all the way up to a successful and long lasting gay relationship.

So to physically and mentally become what you want to be, you need to start spinning your visualization and self-talk in that direction. Talk to yourself in present tense and not in future tense. Talk and visualize as though you are already your ideal self. Respect yourself no matter what the emergency. Set calendar reminders on your mobiles or laptops or set auto-emails to keep prompting yourself to maintain your positivity no matter how tricky the circumstances are and you are bound to succeed in not just gay dating online, but life itself. Do it and watch how you retain your ultimate dream gay date's sustained interest in you. Watch yourself smooth sail through gay dating personals and gay dating chat.


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