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Gay Marriage, Airport Scanners, I’ve Just Had Enough

Updated on January 12, 2010


I know that I’ve haven’t tried hard enough in 2010 to ensure that I don’t get so upset about things that I can’t change. Here we are, about ten days into the year and I can feel my blood pressure rising to a level that is somewhere between boiling and stroke (on the terror threat index, I’d be a hot pink). With the new round of recent airport threats and now Proposition 8 going on trial for a sort of Federal trial but for what everyone knows that no matter what the outcome, it’s going to end up in Supreme Court before it will ultimately be decided upon I find myself once again with an eye brow raised and my eyes rolled back in my head to my Medulla Oblongata! Gay marriage, airport scanners, I’ve had enough – Don’t Get Me Started!

The whole gay marriage thing just needs to go to a federal court and we need to see if Obama and the rest of his gang are going to put up or shut up. This whole, “let’s let the states decide” by the Federal Government (with congress thinking, let’s give it to the states so we don’t have to be the one responsible for God’s anger or the special interest groups that give us money for our campaigns being mad at us and not sponsoring our yacht) has really become almost like asking the Nazis in Germany to vote on rights for Jews. Is anyone surprised by the outcome of these states who give the rights and then some religious group finds a legal loophole to get it on a ballot and take the rights away? I’m not. As far as I’m concerned gay rights (which should just be human rights and I’m disgusted that I have to list them this way) should all be drawn with dry erase pens. Nothing is staying in place in our favor until our Federal Government decides they need to make all men (and women) equal not only on some old document but in our actual laws. Until that happens we may as well get used to the fact that it’s like writing on those tablets you used to get as a kid where you could draw on them and then lift the thin plastic to make it all clean again, obliterating all of your work.

Meanwhile at an airport near you which has been found time and time again from everyone from Al-Quaeda to 60 Minutes to be as secure as your online viewing of porn (stop being so nervous, you have to know if someone really wanted to find out they could look on your hard drive and discover your affection for goat porn, yes?) an idea to put scanners in place to stop fashion terrorists (this is what I call them, after all, we’ve had the shoe bomber and now the underwear bomber, it’s only a matter of time until we see the Pashmina Poisoner) scanners as airport security are making everyone nervous. “It’s an invasion of privacy” “TSA is going to email pictures of my naked scanned body to their pals.” All of this is just bullshit. If it makes it safer to fly then they can feel around in my fly all day if they want to (as long as they’re attractive and have warm hands).

Who is behind all of this you may ask? Why the same people who are running our country and have for centuries, straight white men with small penises. That’s right, the straightee white men don’t want scans at the airports because they’re afraid everyone will see how small their penis is, the thing is that only they (and the people they get drunk enough to sleep with them) care about their penis size, I care more about the safety of all of us when we fly and so should they. The same goes for gay marriage, the thought of two guys together doesn’t get them hot so they don’t want us to get married. If it was hot lesbians that were at the forefront of all of this, rest assured we’d all ready have the rights. Because these white straightees think they still have a chance with chicks who dig chicks. White straight man with small penis says, “They just haven’t had it from me yet, but I’d take both those gals on and change ‘em in a minute.” Ugh.

In other countries and cultures they don’t have the hang up about sex (and sexual orientation) that we do here in the USA. Which is sort of mind blowing considering we were leaving England to create a brave new frontier without the religious right dictating our laws and actions when this whole thing started, right? But if you want to see how hypocritical all of this is, all you have to do is watch some “soft porn” television – where they’ll show a woman’s business district and boobs but never a penis. Can’t show the penis, it’s obscene. Why? Because we don’t want the straightee white men to feel less superior so they don’t allow it to be shown. What a shame we spend more time trying to put a pair of pants on the statue of David instead of worrying about the fact that today’s artists (and budding artists in schools) are neither encouraged or supported by our government.  Get rid of culture for the sake of the high and mighty bible interpreters, by all means!

Well, there it goes, my blood pressure. I tried, really I did but I lost the battle. Battle, just the word gets me all riled up about gays in the military (or not being “allowed” to be in the military)! ARGHHHHH! Gay marriage, airport scanners, I’ve had enough – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • OpinionDuck profile image

      OpinionDuck 7 years ago


      I think that you have hubbed one too many.

      I have no idea what you are saying in this hub.

      Time to chill out and compose.....