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Gay Marriage Rights Are Totally Like...Wrong?

Updated on March 7, 2011

Gay marriage rights have been a big issue for all gay people for the last couple of decades and it is slowly, but surely becoming an accepted union of love for more and more people in world. During the time I am writing this, at the end of the first quarter of 2011, we have about 10 countries in the world, which allow a gay person to be free in whatever they do, anywhere in the country, just like a "normal" straight person. Canada is one of them and it makes me INSANELY proud to be living in such a progressive country, during a time when the world as a whole has not reached that point on gay marriage rights.

The most influential country in the world has yet to come together on a decision on this. The United States of American is almost split 50/50 an the issue of gay marriage rights. A poll taken in 2010 shows that 52 percent respondents were in favor of gay marriage. It was the first time where that percentage has been over 50%. It was at 46% in 2009, and probably even lower the year before. This shows how more and more people are finally growing up. Finally understanding the importance of gay marriage rights, and how they represent how forward thinking a country is. It may also be cause people in power who hold those out-dated values are dying and more young, free thinkers are getting in positions where they can take action.

Why is this happening? How are opinions changing on gay marriage rights? Well in addition to the fact that more and more openly gay people are popping up in the media, as well as famous artists advocating the normality of being gay (No H8, Lady Gaga), it is totally natural and unchangeable and people are finally thinking twice with open minds and hearts about their opinion.  Support for gay marriage rights is support for love. And love always prevails. The growing support for gay marriage rights demonstrates this. No matter how much the people in power try to control the lives of gay people, they will never succeed. Nor will the people that say it is a choice and try to pass that belief to others. But those people really didn't have any influence on the masses anyways and they just look ignorant and stupid.

And no, I'm sorry, it is not ignorant for me to totally disregard the idea that being gay is a choice and to automatically think people who think that are uneducated because, guess what, I am gay, so I would know. People who aren't gay are making claims about a choice that, I guess they made themselves? So they look double ignorant and stupid. So haters, I know you're supposed to hate, but at least look intelligent when you hate, because you just look dumb and no one will take you seriously. Which is actually a good thing, so keep doing what you do!

There are many reasons that ignorant people in the world have come up with to demonstrate their stance against gay marriage rights. I'm not going to lie, some are pretty creative, and I would have never thought of them. But I don't know how people can sit and think about something they hate so much and come up with these ridiculous reasons. The common denominator in all these reasons is that they are all wrong. Many of them sound like they were created by kids with homophobic parents, which is exactly what is it in most cases, but these kids are 30+ and have some power of influence. A reason against gays marriage rights is always based on hate, and reasons based on hate have no foundation and be can easily be rebutted.


If we legalize gay marriage, people will start requesting to marry other unnatural things, like their pets!

This is very true because cats, dogs, birds, venus flytraps etc... all have the ability to sign their marriage contracts and deserve all the same rights as humans. My dog has been asking me to get his drivers license for the last couple of years now, but he's not even allowed in the building!

Gay marriage doesn't produce children, so how can our population be sustained?

It would be disastrous when the world population becomes only 2, and the two last people are two gay guys. How can they give up a child to an orphanage when they can't even have one?

If we allowed gay marriage, more people will be encouraged to become gay like their friends and family!

I started hanging out with more blue-eyed people because I was bored with my brown eyes friends, and one day I randomly woke up with blue eyes! So right now, I am playing basketball to get taller.

Gay marriages will lead to more gay children because children raised by gay parents will influence them to be homosexual.

Straight people raise straight children, gay people raise gay children, bisexual people raise bisexual children and transgendered people raise transgendered children.

The marriage between a man and woman will be seen as a joke, unsacred and not important if gay marriage is permitted!

The tabloids will stop telling us about the quick, impulsive marriages in Hollywood. How will we know how many days a cherished famous marriage lasted?

A child has to be raised by a man and a woman to succeed in the world.

A forced marriage between two people who clearly have no interest in each other is the perfect environment to raise a child.

Heterosexual marriage is something that must be protected and should have the same values as when it was first started.

We have already changed it enough times in the past.  Women don't have to obey their husbands, different races can get married and divorce was finally legal in the 1500's.   We don't have to keep adapting to new ways of life.

Homosexuality is not accepted in the bible.

We are all children of God and should all follow this one book.


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    • lookatmenow profile image

      lookatmenow 6 years ago from Canada

      thank you!! it will be a non issue one day :D...its long until then!?

    • mannyrolando profile image

      mannyrolando 6 years ago

      Totally agree with your information here... I hope that someday soon it will become a non-issue!