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Gay Weddings Vs. Straight Weddings

Updated on July 23, 2010

Are Gay Weddings Different Than Straight Weddings?

One thing that always comes up when I help to plan a party or when people find out I have a talent for planning perfect weddings and events for people is "Are Gay Weddings the same as Straight Weddings?".

The thing is that both gay weddings and straight weddings are just about the exact same as each other. You have a couple that is in love (for the most part and most of the time), you have family and friends who support them, a Rabbi, a Priest or someone to acknowledge their partnership and you have a celebration. In both gay and straight weddings people watch the couple, eat cake and have a great time. However with that said there are some small differences and one or two major differences so when someone asks me "What is the difference between a Gay Wedding and a Straight Wedding?" I can honestly say that the way they mean their question there is no actual difference, but if they are talking about how do you have to plan different or is the actual emotion different then yes, there is an easy to see difference.

The most obvious differences between gay weddings and straight weddings are that you have two grooms or two brides so instead of one bride and one groom on top of the wedding cake you'll find wedding cake topper separates with two men or two women. More recently though certain wedding cake topper companies starting promoting single pieces with two grooms and two brides. Things like the cake toppers are the obvious differences in gay weddings vs. straight weddings but the one thing that I have noticed being different at a gay wedding instead of a straight wedding is the feeling and the passion involved.

Since gays have not been able to get married or have the same rights as straight people in the US, when a State, Commonwealth or District passes and legalizes Gay Marriage the feeling of two oppressed people being given their rights as humans and in love to each other causes a much more emotional bond since straight couples have never experienced not being allowed to partner with each other. Although both types of weddings have emotions and tensions, there is nothing like watching a parent who loves their gay child watch them finally being able to be married and treated like a human being and being able to be with the person they love. There is also nothing like watching a couple that has been told for decades their relationship doesn't count be able to legally bind their love and their relationship, so when I say there is an emotional difference and that Gay Weddings are different because of the emotions running so rampant that you can feel them, it is because gays were not allowed to marry for such a long time that this new freedom and equality really shows what love and marriage is all about.

Both gay and straight weddings are about love and building your bond and partnership, but because gay marriage is still so new it is a lot more emotional for the attendees and it just seems like they celebrate twice as much and have twice the fun since it is only recently that gay people have been able to have their weddings legalized and properly recognized by certain states in the USA and Countries around the world.


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