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Gays And The LTR - Forty-Something Gay ep68

Updated on November 3, 2009

 Episode 68 – Gays And The LTR (Long Term Relationship) I think we gays are going to have to do away with the terminology, “LTR” and become a little more like our straight counterparts and just be in relationships. I think for a long time we’ve felt we had to prove our worthiness that we could be in a relationship with someone for a long time so that the straightees would see that we “deserved” to have marriage rights when really it should just me a human right if two consenting adults want to be committed to one another in the eyes of the law. But can we gays handle the fact that we may not be better at this whole relationship thing than the straightees? I’m not sure. Read and watch more Scott at


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      Joan Veasey Rhoads Alexander 8 years ago

      So true Scott. Very well said. A relationship is a relationship gay or straight, its a work in process and people seem to forget that. You don't have to be gay to agree with your comments.....of course you know I'm straight and I'm behind you 100%. I love your website.