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Gender Discrimination – Who is More Responsible: Men or Women?

Updated on October 23, 2016
angry protestors
angry protestors | Source

When the world cries for gender equality and protestors take to the streets, the reason is a harshly oppressed woman or women in a family or at a workplace. Some incidents reach the peak of gruesomeness and the details are so heartbreaking that no one can resist protesting. You may find a woman in India or Pakistan brutally beaten to death, burnt, poured acid on, chained or locked while “milder” cases would include deprivation of basic rights, humiliation, sexual assault, abuse, torture etc. The list is long and the mere mention of these painful facts makes my eyes bleed.

A woman is silenced by force
A woman is silenced by force | Source

You have mostly heard and known that the directly acting person against a woman is a man. Either this is her husband, father, brother, uncle or even cousin if the case is in a family, but, it can be a boss or colleague at the office if a woman is facing discrimination at the workplace. However, since the domestic cruelty to women has touched the peak of hideousness, I will talk here about this dark side of our societies and specifically marriage!

Women are beaten brutally so as to "cooperate"
Women are beaten brutally so as to "cooperate" | Source

Gender Discrimination is Fueled by Women

I know that this little title has raised the temperature of my readers instantly but calm down and do not jump to conclusions before you read the stunning facts of reality in regions where gender discrimination is sizzling hot. These areas include the Indian subcontinent, southeast Asian countries, Middle East and some other parts of the world. Forced marriages are the top most reason why a female is dealt with brutally. The family, in view of certain measures – which are mostly illogical and baseless – decides to marry their daughter off to a man of their choice. Regardless of the fact that life will be shared with this new man by the girl and not her family, they adamantly take their decision. In this situation mother, aunts and sisters of the girl are the people who support the decision. They use all means of arguments and reasons to convince her to accept the marriage and if she keeps strong on her refusal for the marriage, use of violence is the only option and in this case also the female members of the family assist the men to carry out any violent method he chooses against the girl in order to convince her or teach all the other female members of the family a lesson and kill her by any means.

Women  in family trigger the violence against women
Women in family trigger the violence against women | Source

Women Play Pivotal Role in Violence against Another Woman

In many cases, a woman is married off successfully to a man she does not like. The married life is no pleasure for her and often is filled with sorrows and troubles. A mother-in-law in many cases does not like her son’s wife and incessantly talks against her with him and encourages him to beat her, abuse her, not give her due love and respect, stop her from visiting her parents, degrade her, etc. As a mother in the culture of these regions is a highly sacred personality, her words are followed and her decisions are not questioned often. When the wind starts blowing against a poor woman in her husband’s home, the sisters of the husband also join in pouring the heavy criticism on her. The verbal pressure mounts on the man and he turns violent against his own wife. He looks at her through what he listens from his mother and sisters. She appears to him as useless, dishonest, liar, etc. The matter increases to violence and these are the female members of the man’s family who help him in whatever he chooses to do. Starting from false accusations and threats to beating and sometimes pouring petrol and striking a match or throwing acid is all perfectly assisted by females of the man’s family.

Now, imagine for a moment that the female members of the family of a woman or a man refuse to assist the males in assaulting a woman; will the violence against women still be as high as it is now? If a man is left alone to carry out his decision and the females do their part in whatever they can by joining together, can a man reach in his gruesome acts to the extent of beating, killing, marrying off girls into absurd marriages? If a man is condemned heavily for his mal intentions towards a woman whether his daughter or wife, by all other female members, will he still feel strong enough to turn violent against a poor soul?

I am leaving these questions for you to think about and answer them, though it is clear what the answer can be!


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