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How To Get A Girl To Kiss You On The First Date: 5 Steps To Success

Updated on February 13, 2015
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The First Kiss CAN Happen On The First Date!

First Kiss
First Kiss | Source

Do you believe in kissing on the first date?

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When you are on the first date, the urge to kiss her may arise. The problem is that it can be awkward to go in for the first kiss, and if the conditions are not right, you may end up getting the cheek as you lean in for the kiss - or worse, a slap in the face.

There is a lot of controversy as to whether or not you should kiss a girl on the first date. But, if the mood is right, it can happen.

That said, not every girl will want to kiss on the first date. That is important to remember.

Is there an easy way to go in for the first kiss? Maybe not. Nothing can take away those awkward feelings you have.

But there is definitely a 5-step technique that will help increase your chances to get the first kiss on the first date!

Keep reading to find out.

Step 1 - Make Sure You Are Alone

Get her away from the crowd
Get her away from the crowd | Source

You can get the first kiss when you are with a group of people, especially if you are on the dance floor and have put a few drinks away; but, it is much easier to get her alone and then make your move because it removes distractions and pressure from other people.

So, if you are around a bunch of people on your first date, and you get the urge to kiss her, ask her if she would like to go for a walk and, if she says yes, head in a direction away from the crowd.

Step 2 - Create Physical Touch

Create touch in some way
Create touch in some way | Source

It is much easier to go in for the first kiss when you have some sort of physical touch going on. First of all, physical touch means you will be comfortable being closer together, which is good for quickly getting to her lips.

Physically touching her is also a masculine trait. You are taking the initiative (and control) and touching her. Women love a man who takes initiative, and this masculine gesture will help create a stronger attraction between you.

Even better? Physical touch is something that lovers do, which will make the kiss even more natural when it happens. If you were just friends, then playfully touching her would be limited. You don't grab your friend's arm or hold her hands or touch her face - that's something you reserve for your lovers.

You can go in for physical touch in many ways. For example, you can say something like, "You have beautiful hands," and then grab her hands to inspect them. She may pull away, but unless she is seriously reluctant to touch you, make sure you reach for them again so that you can maintain physical touch for at least a few seconds.

Step 3 - Create Sexual Tension

You can get a girl to kiss you on the first date
You can get a girl to kiss you on the first date | Source

You may think that the physical touch alone is enough to create sexual tension, and it does on some level, but there is one thing that you can do to create a higher level of sexual tension that will make the first kiss a natural conclusion - stop the physical touch altogether.

Stopping the physical touch will help you to create sexual tension. Why? Because touch creates the sexual desire and the separation postpones anything else from happening, which creates tension.

Step 4 - Rinse And Repeat To Build The Tension


Now that you have established touch and created sexual tension, it is important to keep talking and interacting with her so that you can do these two moves again. It is playful and will keep the sexual tension going, which is good because the more tension you have, the more desire there is to be close and kiss.

To build up the tension, reach for her hand again and look at it while you talk. You have already set up the reason for doing this, so it will not seem weird. You can even hold onto her hand for a second or interlace fingers for a moment to create more of an intimate touch. Doing that will increase the sexual tension even more!

Or, you can change the way you touch her. For example, if you are sitting and she leans into you, then this is a form of touch that will help build the tension as well.

Step 5 - Slow It Down And Go In For The Kiss

Wow, lips are getting close!
Wow, lips are getting close! | Source

At one point, you will want to slow down the touch to send a signal that something more is going to happen. Slowing down the touch makes the moment more intense and creates a perfect opportunity for you to go in for the kiss.

For example, instead of quickly looking over her hands, you can start to slowly rub her hands, look up at her eyes, then down at her lips, and then go in for the kiss. There will be some serious electricity going on between the two of you at this point, and the first kiss should be amazing.

In the end, getting her alone, establishing touch while you talk, creating sexual tension, and then slowing down your touch and making the moment much more heavy and sexual, is the perfect way to set up the mood for the first kiss and ensure that it goes well.

Important Note

If at any point she seems uncomfortable or pushes you away - or, just plain tells you off, then she is probably not ready for the first kiss. Give her some space and try this technique again when you feel as though she is ready to be closer to you.


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