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Get Back At An Ex - How To Make Him Come Crawling Back To You On His Knees

Updated on March 1, 2011

Get Back At An Ex - How To Make Him Come Crawling Back To You On His Knees

If you've just been dumped, it's perfectly normal for you to desire revenge on your ungrateful ex boyfriend. You may even think that you'll feel better once you make his life a living hell. But what if you could make your ex take back his words? To make your ex lover regret leaving your relationship, read these 3 methods I outline in this article carefully. Your ex boyfriend will know better than to mess with your affections once you implement these strategies.

"Before taking him back, make him take you on lots of your romantic dream dates first!"

Strategy 1 : Ignore your ex boyfriend ruthlessly.

If you want to exact revenge on your ex, you must resist making contact with him. It is common for an ex boyfriend to still keep in close contact with the girl they dumped - because he still wants the familiar feeling of being loved. By not allowing your ex to enjoy the 'good feelings' he had while you were still a couple, he begins to feel needy for you. In other words, by ruthlessly ignoring your ex boyfriend, it will definitely cause him to miss the good times you spent together - which will give you the upper hand. However, don't make the mistake of taking your ex back too fast... or he'll just take you for granted. You become more precious when he has to work hard to get you back. So let your ex want you back for about a month or so before accepting him (make him take you on lots of your romantic dream dates first!).

Strategy 2: Distract yourself by going out and having fun with your friends.

This strategy works in 3 ways:

  1. You distract yourself from coming across as needy and desperate to your ex.
  2. You get to hang out with your friends, feel happy and enjoy yourself.
  3. Give your ex time apart from you so he realizes he's lost your fabulous attention. 
It's time to hang out with friends and party now that you're single! Take this chance to bask in the sun of single-hood where you do not have to report your location and activities to anyone. Hang out with your buddies/soul-sisters as much as you can because very soon, your ex is going to want you back when he remembers what a fun gal you are!

Do you still remember how to be the fabulous woman your ex fell in love with?

Strategy 3 : Fall in love with yourself first.

Many experts will advise you change what your ex didn't like about you. While their advice is valid, they didn't tell you that, on top of learning new stuff, you must also learn how to fall in love with yourself first. Yes you may have acquired a huge amount of knowledge about how to change yourself. But remember that it was your present character that made your ex fall in love with you in the first place. Hence, if you want to win back the affections of your ex, you must focus on enhancing your own natural beauty by falling deeply in love with yourself first. You will be astounded by the inner beauty that shines from deep inside you. Keep believing in yourself until you get the love you want!

Do you feel satisfied after getting back at your ex?

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    • profile image

      Lyn 3 years ago

      Need to share this on Lots would benefit from reading it

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    • profile image

      kristine 6 years ago

      thanks for the tips! it works! :)

    • Joy Martin profile image

      Joy Martin 6 years ago from Singapore

      Paul - LOL I'm doing my best not to =) I'm sure these advice will work for people/couples who are willing to give themselves another chance.

    • Plarson profile image

      Plarson 6 years ago from Alabama

      Joy- GRRRRRR stop giving out all our secret weaknesses girl!! Just playing, if they will listen and take the advice, it just might work for them too! -Paul