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Get Her to Notice You

Updated on October 4, 2014

How to Get a Girl to Notice You

You have seen her everyday and admired her beauty but she has no idea that you even exist!

Approaching this girl is something that you so badly want to do because you really like her and would love the chance to take her out and make her your girlfriend but you are too afraid because she seems unobtainable and out of your league.

Well, there is hope for you and getting the girls to notice you is easy once you know how to do it.

There are a few easy steps to follow but you need to be sure that you are truly interested in this girl and you must be willing to change a few things.

What Girls Look for in a Guy

Girls want a guy that is confident, can take control of the situation and someone that will adore her, make her feel safe and give her all the attention that you have to give.

She wants a guy that will be dedicated, trustworthy and someone that will love, adore, cherish and make her feel like she is the most beautiful girl in the world.

You do not have to be the best looking guy and you don't even have to be rich but in order to get the girl of your dreams you need need to be a "Prince Charming."

Every girl has grown up with the fairy tale stories of a Knight in shining armour, coming to rescue the princess or a prince wanting to give her the kingdom and make her his princess, therefore, girls want a guy that is willing to give up his kingdom for her.

Girls want "Prince Charming" to make them feel like they are all that matters!
Girls want "Prince Charming" to make them feel like they are all that matters!
Take lessons from Zac Ephron and other popular television stars for the latest trends in hair and styles.
Take lessons from Zac Ephron and other popular television stars for the latest trends in hair and styles.

Step 1 - Dress for Success

No girl ever looks at the guy that has not bathed for days and wears the dirtiest clothing he can find.

Girls want a guy that is with the times and looks good by having a hairstyle that is from modern times, clothing that is trendy or neat and shoes that look clean.

They look at guys that have the latest trends but it doesn't really matter as long as you look presentable enough to be seen with.

So if you have dirty torn jeans and sneakers that have been dragged through the mud, then ditch them for some cleaner threads.

It is also always nice to start a new trend for others to follow as that will get everyone's attention but if you are not that kind of guy then get yourself tidied up with a clean shaven and smooth face, clean clothes and ensure that your teeth are bright and sparkly.

A great smell is also important as girls have a good sense of this. Buy a nice deodorant that doesn't smell like an air freshener or toilet spray. Colognes do not have to be expensive but it smells great and when you smell good, it will alert girls and they will notice you.

Avoid over - spraying and find a nice soft smelling cologne that will attract and not repel. If you are not sure of what to get, then ask a girlfriend or your sister as they will know what smells good on a guy.

Step 2 - Be Confident

You are not going to get the girl of your dreams by hiding in the corner or avoiding her in the corridor. Walking past her doesn't mean that you have to bury your head in your cellphone or lock eyes with the floor, it means that you need to stand up straight and take a look around.

Feel important and walk talk! This will make you look important and the girls will notice that you are confident and you will be seen in a different light...... you will actually be seen!

Once you are able to lift your head and walk as if the world is your stage, then it is important to make sure that you look in her direction.

Lock your eyes with hers and get her to look at you, don't stare but look at her with an admiring eye and give her a nice big smile.

She will definitely be unable to resist noticing you if you walk talk, look up and look into her eyes!

Keep your blackberry, iphones, games for when you are at home because walking with your head held high requires you to look up and make eye contact. It also gives the impression that you are confident and not hiding in your cellphone.

Be sure of yourself and know that you are worth looking at. If it means that doing your hair or changing your wardrobe will make you feel better about yourself then do it!

Once you know that you are worth something and that you can look up and walk proudly through the school, then it will show that you are confident and the girls will start to pay attention to you and they might even get to see your beautiful eyes!

Look up at the girl you like and smile
Look up at the girl you like and smile

Step 3 - Take Control

Don't be afraid to approach her because you have absolutely nothing to lose!

If you want the girl she needs to know that you are interested and the only way that she will know is by you showing it. Be persistent and get her to talk to you but don't be a stalker.

Whilst walking past, greet her with a smile and give her a compliment.

Every day in some way do something or say something to get her to look at you and she will eventually start greeting you first!

Once you have got her to greet you then start taking the next step by letting her know who you are.

Introduce yourself with confidence, ask her what her name is and if you already know all of this then just make small talk; ask her what her favourite class is, where she likes to hang out and what she does for fun.

Get her to talk to you by talking to her. All you have to do is believe that you are strong, brave and confident enough to walk over and say "hello."

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Step 4 - Become Her Friend

Once you have got her to say hello and speak to you, get to know her better by showing interest in her. Give her compliments where you can and ask her how her day is going, without spending too much time hanging around. The trick is to look interested without looking desperate and giving her compliments without sounding insincere.

Find out everything you can about her so that you have something to talk about. You may have the same hobbies or interests which would make it easier for you to get to spend time with her.

Make small talk and speak about a class or something that is going on out of school, like a new movie.

Get her to warm up to you by being friendly and interested in her day to day life without having to be too clingy and annoying.

If she knows that you are a nice guy and that you are willing to listen to her, than you are halfway there already!

Show her that you care and help her when you can.
Show her that you care and help her when you can.

Step 5 - Make Her Feel Safe

She needs to know that you are not a threat to her and that she can feel safe with you, that you are trustworthy and genuine. Help her carry her books at school or offer to help her in any way that you can, showing that you are a guy that she can depend on and feel safe with.

You need to let her know that you are always there to help, without being a doormat and that she can turn to you when she needs help, a sholder to cry on and someone to listen, without having you try something.

Rescue Her

Girls want to know that guys will make them feel safe and protect them from anything, so you need to be ready for that moment where she is in need of protection.

This could be in a number of ways and examples of this could be that she is having a bad day with friends at school and needs a sholder to cry on and someone to tell her that everything will be alright.

For you to be the guy to recue her, you will have to be her friend that she can run to she needs to feel safe.

Should you be there every time she needs help in some way, then she will remember that and notice that you are a guy that is strong and can protect her from anything and this will give you some extra points.

Suprise her with a flower
Suprise her with a flower

Ask Her Out

Be careful that you do not become too much of a friend because then that is what you will always be considered as and your friendship migt never progress to anything else. Be her friend but let her know that you are also attracted to her in another way.

Once you have become familiar and you have become friends, then it is time to ask her out and the best way to do that is to just ask!

Start off slowly and ask her to go for a coffee or a lunch as a casual thing so that when you are out with her you can see if the two of you have a spark.

After your casual lunch, ask her out on a date and make sure that it will be one that she remembers.

Pick her up and be a gentleman, be respectful and have manners. It also helps to take her somewhere spectacular or do something fantastic to make the date feel special and it has to be something that will separate you from the other guys.

Have the courage and the confidence to ask her out and the chances of her saying yes will be at great odds for you.

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