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How To Get an Older Woman

Updated on January 15, 2013

4 Things You Have To Do!

If you are not interested in women your age but find yourself fascinated with older women then you are among a group of men who either have more life experience or desire for maturity, and that’s okay!

Older women tend to have more experience under their belt in life lessons – and they are on a more stable and mature path in life. If you want to get an older woman, then you have to match the type of guy she is looking for.

While not every older woman is looking for the same thing there are definitely some common denominators that older women will have on their list.

A Man Who Understands What Women Want

You have to have confidence in your abilities to please a woman. She’s looking for a man who knows how to treat her in all areas of the relationship. She does not want to teach a man how to please her, and what she wants – she’s done that! She wants a guy who gets how she thinks, what she wants, and what gets her going in life. Therefore, the answer to how to get a woman who is older is to learn what women want, and pay attention to what she wants.

A Man Who Has Goals and Direction in His Life

You have to know where you are headed and have a solid plan of action to get there. If you are a guy who plays playstation (or Xbox or whatever the new hottest game console thing is) all day then your chances with her are slim, but if you are working towards a successful career (or a passionate one) then you have a good chance. Just as clear as you know you want an older women you should have an idea what you want out of life as well.

A Man Who Doesn’t Play Games

Games are for newbies in the relationship biz. She is looking for a man who gives it to her straight and cuts out the crap of lying or being insincere. She will see through your crap in a second and send you packing if you are not being upfront with her. So be honest, forthright, and always give it to her straight - that is one of the best ways on how to get a woman that is older.

Be Supportive, Loving, and Accepting of Her and Her Needs

Boys have a way of taking offense to her when she is not feeling great, acting perfect, or playing nice. Women don’t always have 'on days' where they can handle the world! They also have 'off days' where they need the support of their man. If you are a guy who makes her feel worse when she is already down the she won’t want you. Boys complain and run away, men comfort and support.

So if you want an older woman then try to keep in mind these 4 tips. In essence it’s quite easy to figure out – they want a guy who treats them better than all the other guys they’ve been with. Be that guy and you will win the older woman.

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      Indrihapsari 5 years ago

      Whoaaa..thanks for the tips!

    • RichusFridum profile image

      RichusFridum 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Thanks for the tips