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How To Get Rid Of A Stalker By Stalking Them

Updated on August 5, 2014

Get Rid Of A Stalker

Is He/She A Real Stalker?

If you're wondering if this person is a REAL stalker, then this list may help you to decide.

1. If they show up where you are when they were not invited.

2. If they call or email you after you've told them that you want no further contact.

3. If they make any contact at all with you after you've clearly stated that you want nothing to do with them.

The Stalkers Agenda

Stalker's normally have an agenda. They'll make contact with you just to get attention. Every time you respond to their attempts, they'll figure out new ways to get under your skin.

Talk To Friends And Family About The Stalker

If you were once close to your stalker, talk to their friends and family about the situation They'll be helpful by making your stalker realize what they're doing is wrong.

Ask about their past relationships. Find out if this is how they usually handle rejection. In most cases stalkers are repeat offenders. Get as much information as possible, this may be helpful down the road.

Stalk Your Stalker

Collect as much information as possible. Here's some information that you should know.

1. Where they work

2. Where they live

3. Who their friends and family are

4. What car they drive

5. Their daily schedule

*Be sure to keep a record of the information above. Also write down all of your interactions just in case there's need for legal action*

Warn Your Stalker

Once you've established that this person is indeed a stalker, and you've collected all of the information above, make it clear that you want no further contact.

Ignore Your Stalker

This is the most underestimated part of getting rid of a stalker. People will say that they told their stalker " numerous " times to leave them alone. Numerous? That indicates that you continued to respond to their attempts to seek attention. Stalkers thrive off of this.

Make it clear that you want no further contact with them. They may test whether or not you're serious by doing things to get your attention. DO NOT give them the satisfaction.

Never Compromise With A Stalker

You CAN NOT compromise with a stalker. Do not have a back and forth relationship with them. They'll think that you are not serious. There are numerous people with restraining orders that are arrested after going on a date with the person they were warned to stay away from. You can't have it both ways. NEVER go back on your word. They'll only use this to justify stalking you further.

My Stalker Is Sorry

They may appear remorseful or even buy you a gift to draw you in. DO NOT accept any gifts or apologies. DO NOT offer to met them anywhere. This could send mixed signals.

My Stalker Is Angry

Once they realize that you're ignoring them, they may become angry. Document any calls, save voice mails, and archive emails. If they begin to make violent threats, contact the authorities immediately.

The Good News About Your Stalker

The good new about your stalker is that they'll eventually disappear. The majority of stalkers are not violent. Usually they're heart broken people that have a hard time letting go.

If you're still having trouble getting rid of your stalker, use the information that you collected about your interactions to get a restraining order.

*If you ever feel threaten in any way contact the police immediately*


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    • ptosis profile image


      6 years ago from Arizona

      I am currently being stalked. Already did all the things: trespassing arrest, injunction against harrassment - that he is appealing even though we have no kids, property or business together.

      It's been since 10.5 that the injunction order went into effect and he has broke 3 times already. Hasn't been arrested yet. But will be released again when he does.

      I feel that I should buy a gun because I am afraid that it's going to escalate. He is VERY ANGRY.

      It's OK to carry gun in AZ as long as it's not hidden. I think I should buy a gun and dangle it on a necklace so that I don't have to dig it up when confronted.


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