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Learn How Creating Physical Attraction Will Help Get Your Ex Back

Updated on May 9, 2011

A Guide for Creating Physical Attraction With Your Ex

The only cure for a lonely heart that works is Physical Attraction! Physical Attraction is Human Chemistry 101. Boy meets girl. Girl is attracted to boy. Boy and girl hook up. It’s that simple.

Remember that it all started with a single spark of physical attraction that got the relationship going and only another will it going again.

It can be that simple for you again. After all, it happened once so why can’t it happen again? If you made it work and both of you were happy together then you already KNOW how to make each other happy and physically attracted to each other. You just have to take a step back and remember the kind of person that you were when times were good and forget about the person you were at the time of the break up.

In my first Hubs Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back or Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back, I recommended to give your ex the gift of missing you and break off all contact except for what is needed to facilitate the break up. You’re going to do away with all the old crap like:

  1. Telling them that you’ve changed and things will be different
  2. Telling them that you love them
  3. Telling them that you miss them
  4. Showing them your misery and pain
  5. Trying to reason and argue with them into getting together with you
  6. Hoping and praying that one day your lucky star will start to shine and bring your ex back
  7. Manipulating your ex by leveraging your kids, finances or anything else that you can hold over their heads

So while you’re giving your ex the gift of missing you, you need to begin working on becoming so physically attractive to your ex that you will become virtually irresistible to them all over again. The beauty of this process is that after you’ve finished making yourself more attractive you’ll be in a better place mentally and emotionally that you’ll be able to shrug off your ex if they resist you and move on with your life. You’ll be able to demonstrate an inner strength, peace and confidence that will be romantically attractive if you chose to pursue another relationship or simply enjoy life as a single person.

The process of rekindling that romantic attraction will not only make you more attractive to your ex it will also make you more attractive to everything that your life has to offer. It also means attracting men and attracting women. This includes setting the stage for another relationship to grow and prosper.

You should be warned that making yourself more attractive to women or attractive to men will not be an easy process. It will require you to look at yourself – taking a long, hard and honest look at the person you are now, the person you were and the person you’ve become. It requires a commitment to social and personal development. A commitment to make the necessary changes and rid yourself of all the negative behaviors and emotions that no longer work and start cultivating those that made you attractive to your ex in the first place. Now move forward and make yourself more physically attractive to your ex, to yourself, to your world and to your life!

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