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Learn How to Stop Being Needy and Remarkably Get Your Ex Back!

Updated on May 9, 2011

Right now you are probably feeling that you have to get your ex back. You’re feeling suffocated without them. You feel like your life is sliding through your hands and if you don’t get them back soon, you may lose it all together. I mean your ex caused you to have all these negative feelings then surely getting your ex back will make them all go away. Right? Believe me, it’s common to have these negative feelings.

Remember that having these feelings and emotions is not helpful! It can hurt your chances of getting your ex back and it will hurt your own healing process.

You must get yourself out of this miserable funk that you’ve fallen into. All of these the negative emotions of sadness, depression and loneliness are not going to get you anywhere and certainly not with your ex.

In my last Hub I wrote about working on making yourself attractive. Well, all these negative emotions that you’re sending out…the neediness… is the opposite of attractive. Neediness is an ugly and repulsive feature no matter how you look at it! Your ex isn’t going to come back to you when you are displaying neediness. It just doesn’t work that way.

Your displays of neediness are signs of weakness because it conveys your inability to care for your own needs. Do you really think that your ex is going to open up their heart and give it back to you when you can’t take care of your own? Nope. Nada. No way!

Until you break out of this rut you’re pretty much hopeless plus when your ex sees you being so needy they will pull back. It’s human nature that no one truly wants to be in total control of a relationship. If love comes too easily we don’t appreciate it. We take it for granted and lose interest.

You know that you have the power to turn things around. You do not need your ex and you know it! You know that you don’t need your ex because you know that your life will go on with or without them. You know that you will be happy again. You still have the ability to love another person as much as you do your ex. Be honest with yourself and you’ll have to admit – you know it!

You may want your ex back but remember that you don’t need them. Maybe you want your ex back a whole hell of a lot. Well that's fine. Maybe you want your ex back more than you have every wanted anything else in the world. That’s fine too! But that’s a huge difference than needing your ex!

These feelings of needing your ex back are completely irrational and are not grounded in any sort of rational thinking at all. If you were thinking rationally then you’d recognize that you really want your ex back.


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    • prodriver08 profile image

      prodriver08 5 years ago from Houston, TX

      Maybe so but needing to feel needed and being needy are two different things. I believe that everyone wants to feel needed by the one they love or care deeply about. However, having to have that constant reassurance is the giant elephant in the room.

      If you're secure in your relationship then the constant reassurance that is demanded can be...very overwhelming.

    • Better Living profile image

      Better Living 5 years ago

      Some people like to feel needed, though.