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How to get in touch with old friends

Updated on December 29, 2013
Time flies
Time flies

After going through the many stages of our lives, from pre-school, elementary, high school, college, and after college, we meet people who would somehow become a part of us. The sad thing is, as time passed by, we would move at different directions and in turn would lost track of each other. During our spare time, while looking at old pictures or letters, or any memoirs that will remind us of those people who became part of our lives, we start to wonder where they are now, what they're doing, and how to get in touch with them once more.

These are the questions we want to be answered so we could get in touch with our old friends once more.

How can we get in touch with old friends?

It's a good thing we're living in this time. Thank God for allowing man to explore technology and invented the internet as it's the best way to get in touch with old friends.

We can join groups in the internet like friendster, facebook, gather, friendfinder, mailfriends, reunion, icq, etc. Post your profile with your picture on it and where you've studied (if you're looking for a friend back in your school days). There are tools in the internet as well where you can look for your high school or college friends by just entering the year when you graduated. You can also join chat rooms with categories like people at your age, but it's really not that reliable as you most likely find new friends than old ones.

If you want to do it in an old-fashioned way, look for your graduation year book, and find your friend's address then try to send a postcard via mail to introduce yourself. If your friend replies, then don't lose the connection, just keep in touch.

Keep in touch

Do not lose contact with your current friends. Constant communication is very important. Make sure that you have your friend's contact number, mailing address, home/physical address, e-mail address, and group affiliation for either on the web or physical groups. In this way, you'll know how to communicate with your friends at all times. It would also be great if you held a party inviting your old and new friends to keep that friendship spirit alive. Just a simple one will do. It is also important to know your friend's birthday. Send a greeting card either on the web or through mail. In this way, your friend will appreciate it and will always remember you.


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    • profile image

      Sylvia nee Hocking 6 years ago

      Would like to hear of friends or relatives of Bette Turnor. We both went to Toorak Central School about 1936.

      On my first day, Bette came up to me and said, " Can I play with you?"

      We remained the very best of friends till both married and moved away. I would love to hear of friends or relatives. Sylvia Walker 07 3113 3723 Australia

    • profile image

      bryan 6 years ago

      thanks that was very helpful.